The Grand Betrayal: All Eyes On Hillary’s Health A Distraction From This Simultaneous Event (VIDEO)

The Grand Betrayal: All Eyes On Hillary’s Health A Distraction From This Simultaneous Event (VIDEO) | hillary-clinton | CIA Government Government Corruption Multimedia National Security Agency Sleuth Journal Special Interests US Congress
congress(image credit: AP/Nati Harnik)

With all eyes pierced on Hillary Clintons faint epidemic at the 9/11 memorial and her health issues in general, the media has overlooked a major event that happened almost simultaneously. Just a day later congress subpoenaed members of the oversight and government reform committee including spokespersons for the DOJ, State Department, FBI, Department of National Intelligence, The CIA, The Geo spatial Intelligence Agency, and The NSA, to discuss Clintons email scandal. During the hearing, Congress was consistently shot-down on almost every question addressed. Truth is these people are being blackmailed, paid off, and manipulated, and quite frankly, every member hiding the truth of Hillary Clinton’s corruption should be fired! Thankfully some in congress are standing against it.

Here’s the breaking report…

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