Health Guru? Or Undercover GMO Labeling Opponent? (TAKE ACTION)

 Health Guru? Or Undercover GMO Labeling Opponent? (TAKE ACTION) | Weil_Andrew-279x300 | General Health GMOs Natural Health Petitions Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

It’s a medical mystery.

Healthy lifestyle guru Dr. Andrew Weil says genetically modified organisms (GMOs) cause “ranges of health problems” in animals. He favors GMO labeling laws, he says, because consumers should have the right to know if products contain GMOs.

Yet the good doctor’s company, Weil Lifestyle LLC, is a member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) – the top donor so far to the campaign to defeat a GMO labeling initiative in Washington State, and a major contributor ($2 million) to the campaign that last year defeated Proposition 37, a similar GMO labeling initiative in California.

Not only that, but Weil Lifestyle knowingly sells supplements that contain GMOs. Unlabeled. If you think Dr. Weil should start practicing what he preaches, and if you’d like to see him make a “healthy” contribution to the GMO labeling campaign in Washington State, take action today!

TAKE ACTION: Tell Dr. Weil: Get the GMOs Out of Supplements and Support GMO Labeling in Washington State!

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