Hillary Clinton Wants Husband Bill In Charge Of Economic Revitalization

Hillary Clinton Wants Husband Bill In Charge Of Economic Revitalization | hillary-and-bill-clinton | Economy & Business Politics
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Campaigning in Kentucky, Hillary Clinton said she’ll put husband Bill in charge of “revitalizing the economy” to create jobs – with little further elaboration.

Former labor secretary in his administration, Robert Reich, said her remarks suggest “she’s no longer touting the successes (sic) of the Obama economy or even linking herself to it.”

Today’s economy differs vastly from the 1990s. Bill Clinton’s policies set the stage for thirdworldizing America. His rap sheet includes:

• eight years as Wall Street’s man in Washington, facilitating unprecedented casino capitalism;

• NAFTA and the World Trade Organization, responsible for millions of industrial and other US jobs lost as well as environmental destruction;

• vitally needed welfare aid compromised, showing contempt for households most in need; and

• telecommunications deregulation, facilitating unprecedented media consolidation and half a million lost jobs after he left office.

Following Haiti’s disastrous January 2010 earthquake, he headed the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC), exploiting Haitians for corporate profit.

Promised aid was diverted to business, hundreds of farmers evicted for industrial development. Productive agricultural land was lost in a nation not properly feeding its people.

In April 2014, two Haitian lawyers filed a petition against Clinton for mismanagement. Hundreds of millions of USAID and international donor dollars allocated to IHRC are gone or misspent.

Haitians are just justifiably angry, ripped off solely to benefit investors. A former Haitian official couldn’t understand how enormous sums of money could be put into a project headed by a former US president with so little to show for it, nothing for people in need.

Wife Hillary was secretary of state at the time. She helped seal deals for foreign investors to exploit desperate Haitians. Those lucky enough to have jobs got sub-poverty wages and deplorable treatment.

Haiti remains mired in humanitarian crisis. Instead of promised “building back better,” profits alone mattered – people needs, welfare and environmental concerns ignored.

Bill and Hillary Clinton exploited desperate Haitians in need. Does she have something similar in mind for millions of unemployed Americans?

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