Hillary Clinton’s Health Issues No Longer A Conspiracy Theory (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton’s Health Issues No Longer A Conspiracy Theory (VIDEO) | hillary-clinton-collapses-1024x649 | Multimedia Politics

DNC will allegedly meet to consider another option to replace Hillary as the Democratic Party nominee.

* Clinton cancels West Coast events for Monday and Tuesday.

(The Real Agenda News) Hillary Clinton cannot disguise her health issues anymore. Not even the mainstream media is capable of justifying her pneumonia or what appears to be a serious neurological problem that may have stemmed from a concussion she suffered last year.

On Sunday, before the Clinton campaign announced the cancellation of her West Coast trip, people were asking themselves if the pneumonia diagnosis has really been made last Friday, or if the Clinton camp has kept it secret for a while and only released the news to hide the fact that Clinton may be suffering from a more serious ailment.

The question was, is it possible that Hillary’s doctors only performed a test to check for her pneumonia recently, despite the fact that her cough has been growing more serious for months?

Another question that readers were raising was, was Hillary’s collapse yesterday really caused by a heat-related issue? Clinton was seen being dragged into a black van on Sunday after she abandoned the 9/11 remembrance event in lower Manhattan.

In the video, Clinton is seen resting on a concrete bar, being held by an unidentified woman. As the van approached, a man grabs Clinton by her right arm and help her walk into the van. Clinton would have certainly collapsed to the ground had she not been helped by her security detail.

Can heat exhaustion do that? Was there a reason for Clinton to feel that overwhelmed about heat when, according to local media reports, the temperature was fairly comfortable? Why would heat exhaustion cause her not to be able to stand straight or her legs to buckle?

Raising questions regarding Clinton’s health has been treated by her allies and the mainstream media as “conspiracy theories” but even the Washington Post, a political ally of the Clinton camp has raised questions about how serious Clinton’s condition may be.

The latest Clinton medical episode confirms what many people, including Republican rival, Donald Trump, has been raising about the health of the former Secretary of State. It also fuels Clinton’s lack of transparent about her medical condition, whose real state has been revealed by her public medical events, which have created even more speculation about her health.

The 9/11 remembrance event, which also had the participation of Donald Trump and the past three mayors of New York and other authorities, started about 8.30 in the morning, just a few minutes before the time when, 15 years ago, the first plane crashed into one of the two towers of the World Trade Center.

After about an hour into the ceremony, Clinton left the place, allegedly because of dehydration. In a video broadcast on Twitter and by various other media, Clinton is seen being dragged into a black van. Later, she reappeared outside her daughter’s apartment building in New York claiming that she was feeling great.

Later in the day, the press learned that the candidate was resting at her home in Chappaqua, a town in upstate New York. In a statement, Clinton’s doctor said that the former Secretary of State has been experiencing strong coughing caused by “allergies”.

“Last Friday, pneumonia was diagnosed. She was given antibiotics and advised to rest and to change her agenda,” Bardack said.

Clinton, 68, has been questioned about the nature of her constant coughing and her health has also become an issue in the campaign for the presidential elections of November 8.

In August, Trump accused Clinton of having lack of “mental or physical stamina” to deal with the terrorist threat of the Islamic State (ISIS). In addition, he challenged her to make public her full medical history: “I think both candidates, both Clinton and I should make public our medical records. I have no problems in doing so. Does Hillary?, said Trump on his Twitter account.

During the summer, Clinton’s doctor said in another note that Clinton was in “excellent physical condition to serve as president of the United States.” However, her coughing fits, that have been going on for months and her collapse yesterday, say otherwise. Perfectly healthy people do not go on extended coughing fits or suffer from buckled knees and legs because of an allergy.

The real health state of someone who intends to lead the world’s most powerful country is a matter of public interest, which is why it is unexplainable why the mainstream media and Clinton’s campaign have discounted questions about her mental and physical states.

While both candidates are older than politicians who ran for the highest office in recent elections, Trump 70 and Clinton 68, the Republican candidate does not appear to have any visible health problem, contrary to his Democratic rival.

Clinton’s recent medical issues makes it even more necessary for voters to “learn more” about the health of both candidates, said David L. Schneider, Professor of Medicine at the University of Illinois.

In an article published a few days ago in The Washington Post, he recalled that Trump, if elected, will be the oldest person to occupy the White House, and Clinton would be the second oldest candidate, behind Ronald Reagan. “At that age, things start to happen,” says Schneider.

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