Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Begins Early

Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Begins Early | Hillary-Clinton’s-Presidential-Campaign-Begins-Early-460x201 | Politics Special Interests

The elite behind the Clinton clan is eager to get power back from an unlikely obstacle that has delayed their plans.

If she finally becomes a candidate for the White House, Hillary Clinton ‘s campaign may be one of the longest in history, as the former Secretary of State, without even admitting whether or not she will be a claimant to the U.S. presidency in 2016 – takes months in what could be considered a fundraising campaign.

Or perhaps, Clinton is simply fundraising for paying previous debts? Don’t think so!

Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Begins Early | obama-toilet-hillary-handle-460x138 | Politics Special Interests

Since leaving her office at the State Department in Foggy Bottom last January, Clinton has been devoted to recovering from a blood clot in a vein between the brain and the skull, giving lectures; remodelling the foundation created by her husband, Bill Clinton, and collecting prizes to a total of 15; not counting those that are to come in the following months.

In the latter area, Clinton is having the privileged opportunity to discuss issues of interest to the Democratic base, but is not under the magnifying glass of a campaign and therefore not taking a political risk because, in theory, she is not playing in that arena.

Until last weekend, when the former first lady made ​​her first appearance since the last election, the former presidential candidate jumped into the political arena in a small town in Virginia, almost a suburb of Washington, where an old friend, confidant and close associate of the Clintons is candidate to the governor’s mansion on 5 November.

Under the slogan ” Women for Terry” (Terry McAuliffe), Clinton took the stage at the State Theatre in Falls Church full of energy, smiling and full of authority in an act which is the perfect way to enter into national politics once again.

“The whole country is paying attention if the rights of women and girls are respected, especially in regard to our bodies and our health,” said Clinton in Virginia, referring to Republican opponent, Ken Cuccinelli, who has proposed to curtail the attempt by the liberals to give abortion the status of a “right”.

Clinton spoke about subjects that she feels more comfortable with and that helps her mobilize her female base. Among the more than 500 attendees at the event, several women held signs that read “Ready for Hillary”.

In Virginia, Clinton received a warm welcome befitting a hero returning from the frontlines. Her core supporters believe she is ready for the next battle, which would be to relieve Barack Obama as president.

Keeping a positive tone during much of her speech, Clinton did not restrain herself when talking about the Republican Party and its “wrong leadership examples” which has offered in recent weeks, after the 16 days of closure of the Administration and the increase, in extemis, of the so called debt ceiling.

“There are politicians who have chosen the scorched earth strategy over common sense,” Clinton said, to then quote Alexis de Tocqueville, the French writer who described Americans then as people with “habits of the heart” after traveling the country.

The former senator from New York said that the spirit spoken of by Tocqueville was being threatened. “We can not leave those who do not believe in the progress of the great experiment hijack America to subtitute it by the habits of suspicion, hatred, anger and anxiety,” she said. “That’s not the people that we Americans are”.

Comfortable in her shoes as ever, Hillary Clinton faces the future with “no rush” as stated in late September in the first interview since leaving the State Department.

“I think it’s a serious decision that should not be taken lightly nor is it necessary to take now,” Clinton said on a possible run for the presidency. Meanwhile, the political veteran trains in “foreign campaigns” while she decides on her own. Clinton is practicing for her campaign through fundraisers for future party allies.

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