How Deeply was the FBI Involved in the Sandy Hook Massacre?

How Deeply was the FBI Involved in the Sandy Hook Massacre? | Screen-Shot-2018-07-19-at-12.14.45-PM-672x372 | False Flags Government Corruption Sleuth Journal US News

By Diane Jakopovic, Memory Hole Blog

Editor’s Note: The author of the article below, Diane Jakopovic, is an experienced respiratory therapist who has done considerable research on the Sandy Hook School mass shooting event. Please see her 2015 study, Medical Aspects of the Shooting at Sandy Hook School. Although many of the links from that piece to video documents on YouTube and government sites have been assiduously removed by site owners since the article’s publication, it still presents numerous professional observations of apparent on-the-ground medical activity and the contradictory capture of such activity in the official record.

How Deeply was the FBI Involved in the Sandy Hook Massacre? | Screen-Shot-2018-07-21-at-12.16.12-PM-300x271 | False Flags Government Corruption Sleuth Journal US News
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Recent revelations concerning FBI administrators’ sentiment toward the US political process and public opinion generally suggests how politicized the nation’s top law enforcement agency has indeed become. This is most recently evidenced in their routine attempts to undermine the 2016 presidential election results and July 12, 2018 congressional testimonyof FBI Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Peter Strzok.

Author’s noteThis article is a portion of some of the research I and others have done; I’ve also compiled a larger packet of some of my research that I will include a link to, at the end of this article. The packet contains the information in this article, but is more detailed, with report numbers, links to articles and videos, etc.  It also contains some other examples of other oddities, and even blatant lies, from the CSP report.  All I ask in return is that you please forward this article to every politician, author, televison host, journalist, and news media outlet (both mainstream media and also alternate media) that you can think of.  If we’re ever going to force this issue to the forefront, now is the time… actually, it is way beyond time to blow Sandy Hook wide open.

I don’t claim to know what happened at Sandy Hook School that day. I don’t know if people were killed or not.  But I do now know, and will prove, that many people in authority knew about this event ahead of time, planned for it, and may have participated in it.

How can one not notice a big elephant in a small room?  It happens.

But sooner, or later…..

Even though I have the entire CSP report downloaded and spent years reading through it over and over, I have always felt there was more.  Some astounding proof, via FOIA, persistence, and good detective work, has been uncovered by Wolfgang Halbig, offering undeniable proof (official documents) proving that the Chalk Hill School was in the possession of the Newtown School District months beforethe shooting, not days after, and that Sandy Hook students were already attending Chalk Hill School before the shooting occurred (see photos at end of this article). Wolfgang and many other dedicated researchers have also uncovered vast numbers of other lies that the public has been told.

Because so many of the articles and videos we post are immediately removed, and accounts often closed, there has always been high suspicion that very powerful forces were working behind the scene to bury whatever we dug up.  Not many can influence the media, or have the authority to force social media sites and Youtube to remove what they don’t want people to know.  It is hard to imagine a group of people with enough money, time and employees devoted only to shutting down the many ‘truthers’.  There is really only one ‘group’ that I can think of that has that kind of power; that group is our own government.   And now as we watch the corruption and criminal activity of the heads of the DOJ, the FBI, and other government agencies being peeled back like an onion, there is no reason not to believe that they may have actually been involved in so much more that has yet to be uncovered.

There are many mass shooting events which are suspicious and deserve further analysis and answers.  But the shooting at Sandy Hook School is exceptional to me because in Nov. 2013, the Connecticut States Attorney, Steven Sedensky, released the Connecticut State Police (CSP) investigation report to the public.  This gave independent researchers who saw some outlandish flaws in what we were told, something to dig into using official documents, and first reponders, witnesses, and investigators own words.

The CSP report consists of over 7,000 pages, thousands of pictures, audio recordings, and even dash cam videos.  It was not seachable until some savvy, enterprising ‘truther’ made it so.  Much is redacted, much is not; some is missing.  It is confusing, it is contradictory, it is often implausible, and yes, even ridiculously stupid.

The report is not necessarily in sequential order; the grammar and spelling are awful. Most witness statements have been rewritten in the 3rdparty by the officers, and signed months later, with originals redacted.  Even most first reponder officer’s did not sign their own statements for months. But there is enough there so that some of us have been able to pick out many anamolies, contradictions and outright lies.

Then in Oct. 2017, nearly 5 years after the event, the FBI finally released it’s investigative report:

How Deeply was the FBI Involved in the Sandy Hook Massacre? | 11 | False Flags Government Corruption Sleuth Journal US News

That 1500+ page FBI report was published in three sections.  It is so heavily redacted that it is almost useless….ALMOST.  They neglected to redact everything.  There IS something in there, and when it’s coupled with the CSP report, it paints what could be a very different picture than what we were told.  Could it be another possible gun running operation such as Fast & Furious, by the Obama administration, the DOJ, the FBI, and the ATF, which ultimately ended up in a real massacre at an elementary school?

Or more likely, was the ‘massacre’ just a fake, simulated event as part of the same operation, but perhaps with more devious goals?  That is merely my theory… I can’t prove what really happened.  However, I can now prove that, at a minimum, the FBI, federal prosecutor(s), and Stephen Sedensky were aware of, and possibly involved in this event before it happened.

After the FBI report became available, I immediately downloaded all three 500+ page reports and read through them. Finding nothing of value, I put it away. Every so often, I would skim through it, and still nothing.  It’s just crap.  It’s so heavily redacted, it’s not searchable, and the pages are not numbered; they run together so its difficult to know where one report ends and the next one starts.  I have no reason to believe that both the CSP and the FBI reports were not deliberately written so poorly in order to interfere and frustrate any researcher digging into them.

Being a Christian, I spent many hours pleading and praying for guidance to help me find what I felt I was missing. Finally, in early February, I decided to give the FBI report one more look through.  I do believe at that time, the good Lord poked the elephant in the room, and the big old beast woke up and slapped me with his trunk.  All this time, I had overlooked that elephant in the room…

Before I get into what I found, I want to touch briefly on two points.  The first is the fact that just over two weeks before the massacre, on November 27, 2012, Attorney General Eric Holder visited New Haven, Connecticut to kick off Project Longevity, a joint project of various city, state and federal government agencies, dedicated to reducing gang violence.

What is rarely mentioned is that there were already three tasks forces in existence in that region, with the goal and with very good track records, of tracking down and arresting gang members. This 2011 FBI article relates the large number of gangs active in in the nation, including Connecticut, and the task forces created to combat them.

Project Longevity, however, was different; it was reportedly formed more as an outreach and intervention group to prevent gang violence, rather than to track and arrest members.  It is still an active organization.

Whether or not Project Longevity is in any way related to the massacre, I don’t know.  It’s just that the timing of the kick-off being so close to the school shooting, and the fact that the same man who was responsible for gunrunning weapons to the drug cartels (Fast & Furious) was introducing and promoting this project; that is suspicious to me and therefore makes it worth noting.

Secondly, I want to take a second to briefly explain the Federal Grand Jury process.  Grand Juries are nearly always convened to consider criminal activity.  A Federal Grand Jury consists of a group of 16-23 citizens called to serve as a jury; there is no judge involved or officiating.  The jury members are selected twice a year and may be required to serve on any federal case during their 6-month tenure. Prosecutors (not police or the various government agencies) look at the evidence that an investigation has uncovered, and then decide if, and what charges could be filed.  The Prosecutor then calls the jury together to examine that evidence and to determine if said evidence is sufficient to file criminal charges against someone.

After the school shooting on Dec. 14, 2012, many agencies, local, regional, state and federal arrived to assist. If one stops and takes an overall look at the total investigation afterwards, though, it seems to be divided between the CSP and the FBI.  Of course, their investigations overlapped, but the CSP primarily investigated at the school and dealt with the witnesses on scene; the FBI investigation was, for the most part, about the Lanza family.

There were two FBI agents who assisted at the school in the first days; one agent took pictures of Adam and his weapons to assist the Hoboken FBI in the identification. They both helped at the scene and assisted in processing the victims’ clothing.  But for the most part, the FBI did little at the school; the shooting investigation there primarily belonged to the CSP.

At the Lanza home, however, the FBI seemed to be deeply involved, inside the house gathering evidence (along with the CSP and the ATF), interviewing neighbors and those known to have had any possible contact or interaction with either Nancy or Adam, and detailing Adam’s personal and medical history.

There are several baffling incidents in the two investigative reports, dealing with the FBI & ATF’s involvement in the investigation. The first one (the elephant) is from the FBI report.  The others are from the CSP report; I will summarize those in order to keep this article from being too long, but if you read the packet, there is more detail.  I also included several other examples of blatant lies that came from the CSP report in that packet.  I am not including those in this article.

So now let’s look at that big, old elephant in the FBI report.

The FBI Report on Sandy Hook Indicating FBI/ATF Involvement

The FBI and ATF were immediately involved when the news of the shooting went out on the airwaves.  They responded to the school, and also to the Lanza home.  The FBI remained active in assisting with victims and offering emotional and financial assistance.  They were also involved throughout the entire investigation although much of their investigation seemed to concentrate on a personality and/or behavioral analysis of Adam Lanza.  However, since so much of their report is heavily or completely redacted, or deleted, it cannot be known what all they actually investigated.

The Elephant (Subpoenas):The shooting at the Lanza home and at the school happened on the morning of Dec. 14, 2012.  The Lanza home wasn’t entered until early afternoon by the CSP and the FBI.  A search warrant was issued at approximately 5:30pm and the search of the home began at 7:45pm.  The ATF did not enter the home until the initial search was completed, so was late in the evening of the 14th.  The search by all agencies continued for several days.  The investigation continued for weeks or months.

However, Part 1 of the FBI Sandy Hook Report includes photocopies of 27 subpoenas requiring the recipients (redacted) to testify before, or submit documents to, a scheduled Grand Jury (date and time redacted.)  Those subpoenas were issued and signed on Dec. 14th, 2012…!!

There were also 26 subpoenas issued and signed on Dec. 15th, and 45 more issued and signed between Dec. 16 – Dec. 21th.  Four additional subpoenas were issued and signed between January and March 11, 2013.  One subpoena was undated.  Parts 2 & 3 of the FBI report include another 25+ subpoenas, some of them signed on 12/14 and 12/15.

So just imagine this!!  While the entire country, even the whole world, was focused on the shooting at Sandy Hook School, at that very same time, a federal clerk in a nearby city was busy signing subpoenas to be served, ordering witness to appear at an already scheduled Grand Jury about this shooting!!

There is no possible way that evidence could have been gathered, turned over to the prosecutor, and criminal charges evaluated, all on the same day as the shooting when no investigation had even begun.  And since Grand Juries are nearly always convened to consider criminal charges, then criminal charges against who…?  The shooter was supposedly dead!!  The recipients of the subpoenas HAD to already have been identified and the grand jury hearings HAD to have been scheduled prior to the date of the massacre.

How Deeply was the FBI Involved in the Sandy Hook Massacre? | 2 | False Flags Government Corruption Sleuth Journal US News

The FBI reports are specifically about the Sandy Hook shooting investigation; that is their title.  If the Prosecutor had already convened a grand jury for the purpose of an investigation related to this school shooting, then they HAD to be aware either that something (a mass shooting) was planned to happen, or they had already scheduled a grand jury investigation into an ongoing matter pertaining to something within Sandy Hook, with ties to this event.  They had to know!!


The Connecticut State Police Report Indicating FBI/ATF Involvement

The following are summaries of research that I and others have uncovered.  It is included in this article because it deals with FBI and/or ATF involvement, in one way or another.  For more detailed information, refer to the packet I discussed in the first paragraph.

The Garmin Nuvi GPS(s): A single GPS belonging to Adam was confiscated from the Lanza home, from a trash bag inside his closet.  Sometime before Jan. 2, it was handed over to the FBI and was later returned to the CSP. For some reason, the CSP investigative report described it as two completely different models.

When the GPS was seized, it was described only as a Garmin Nuvi. No other identifying information, such as manufacture date, model number, or serial number was recorded. The GPS was physically handled by both FBI and the CSP officers.

The CSP report identified the GPS as both a Garmin Nuvi 550 and a Garmin Nuvi 200; it was given the exhibit number (#58).  We know that the differing model numbers was not a typo since each had at least some different data and travel information (the Nuvi 550 was said to have one favorite while the Nuvi 200 had 61 favorites).

There are significant differences in the data reported, although that possibly could have been because the officers who examined and reported the information, may have each been talking about different data (journeys versus destinations versus sequences) while neglecting to mention the other data on the GPS.

Since some data is obviously missing from the GPS (example, two ‘sequences’ ended at the Lanza home, but the next ones began at a different location), it is not a stretch to think that it’s possible that other information is missing, too.  Especially when one considers that a 20-year-old male only logged 18 driving trips within an 8-month period, including only four trips in the past five months.

In fairness to the officers, though, it is also possible that Adam may not have powered up the GPS on every trip he made and thus some information was missing because of that.  In addition, the GPS was reported to have been previously owned by Peter Lanza, who claims to have given it to Adam in 2010.

There is no report specifying when the GPS was turned over to the FBI, only of it being returned.  I was unable to find any reference to a GPS in the FBI report, although considering the redactions, the difficult reading, and the deleted pages, it is not unreasonable to consider that I missed it, or that information was redacted.

However, it is undeniable that this reporting was incorrect since two different models were reported to have been confiscated, and it was confusing because different data from those two models was reported.  And the failure to note vital information about this confiscated item, by two major agencies, was either intentional, or was extremely sloppy.

FBI Cell Phone Photos:Two separate reports, (#00230019 and #00025240) relate that FBI Agent Skelly-Byrnes was escorted into the school to take photos of the deceased Adam Lanza’s face to be used for identification purposes and to rule out Ryan Lanza as a suspect.  Skelly-Byrnes was also asked to photograph his weapons so the FBI could begin identifying what kind of weapons they were.  While the two reports don’t contradict one another, they do give conflicting information.

In one report, an unknown officer whose signature is undecipherable, said that Skelly-Byrnes had the driver’s license photos of both Adam and Ryan Lanza, and so he accompanied her inside the school to compare them with the body; they determined the body was likely that of Adam, took a picture (singular) of the body with her cell phone, and relayed that photo (singular) at about 2:00 pm.

But in his report, CSP Sgt. Covello said that at about 12:00 noon, SA Skelly-Byrnes told him that the FBI in Hoboken, NJ, had “agents on sight with the brother of Adam Lanza” and needed a photo of Adam.  They also stated that the FBI specialist in firearms needed a photograph of the weapons used at the school (they would not yet known about the shooting at the Lanza home.)  Covello accompanied her into the school and assisted her.

“After donning appropriate PPE, SA Skelly Byrnes and I took several photographs with her cell phone device. SA Skelly Byrnes in turn transmitted the photos to the respective agents requiring them, as well as my government assigned email,, so as a report could be generated by me to account for these photos having been taken and transmitted at the onset of this investigation. After the photos had been transmitted to each respective location, she personally communicated to me that she had permanently erased the photographs from her cell phone device.

The pictures were requested to be sent to the Hoboken FBI for identification purposes, to the FBI firearms specialist, and to Sgt. Covello. Copies of the emails sent to Covello, with photo attachments, are included in report #00025240; the dates and times they were sent were not redacted.

How Deeply was the FBI Involved in the Sandy Hook Massacre? | 3 | False Flags Government Corruption Sleuth Journal US News

When reviewing the five emails sent by Skelly-Byrnes, it is impossible not to notice that even though report #00025240 says the photo (singular) was relayed at about 2:00pm, the time stamps on the Covello emails says they (plural) were actually sent between 5:17pm – 5:20pm. It is impossible for me to understand why there would be a more than 3-hour time difference between when one report said they were sent and when the photocopies show they were sent.  It is especially intriguing in such a high-profile case such as this.

It is possible that Skelly-Byrnes took photos at two separate times, accompanied by two different officers, and did not mail them simultaneously, but at this point, it is impossible to know. But neither report mentions another officer entering the school with them.  Reading those reports, it would appear that Skelly-Byrnes only entered the school once for this purpose.  It is no stretch of my imagination to say that either these two reports are incomplete, or that they are deliberately misleading.

Identification Photos:  While we are on this topic, Skelly-Byrnes took two pictures of Adam’s face.  But does anyone realize that these 2 facial photos were the only means used to identify the body of Adam?  No one recognized his body, and no family or friends were brought in to identify the body, even at the morgue.  A photocopy of his driver’s license was compared to his undoubtedly disfigured face, and from that, he was identified as Adam Lanza.  Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised by that since the child victims at the school, many of whom reportedly received massive head wounds, were also identified only by comparing their class photos to the bodies.

Other photos of Adam, and possibly his fingerprints (or maybe not), were taken at autopsy but there is no record of anything ever having been done with them.  Adam was later identified as being the son of Nancy from a liver sample taken at his autopsy, but there was nothing in either report that proved that the body in the school was Adam Lanza.

And there is also nothing in the entire 7000+ page report that proved Adam Lanza was the shooter; not witnesses, not photos, not DNA, and not fingerprints.  NOTHING!!

The Cardboard Target: Among the hundreds of photos taken inside the Lanza home, were two pictures showing a much-used, large cardboard target resting behind a couch in the basement (Exh. #34).  Zooming in on this large target board, the words “FBI Use” can clearly be seen.

How many young men have access to a target marked ‘FBI Use’ in their basements?  It’s also intriguing to me because apparently Adam didn’t drive very often and none of his destinations were in areas that he would likely have been able to target practice (according to his GPS).  No neighbor ever reported hearing a lot of shooting coming from the Lanza home or yard, and I’m pretty sure people can’t take their own targets to the shooting ranges.

Perhaps it was Nancy’s target, or perhaps Adam didn’t turn on his GPS on every time he drove his car, but that still doesn’t explain the FBI inscription on this target inside their house.

How Deeply was the FBI Involved in the Sandy Hook Massacre? | 4-1024x377 | False Flags Government Corruption Sleuth Journal US News

Adam’s Hack Job:  In both the CSP and FBI reports, it states that Adam Lanza hacked into the FBI or CIA database back in 2007 or 2008, so Lanza was not unknown to them. Reports 1200704559, Book 7, #00104343 and #00029051 both recount some statements about that, as does the FBI report – Sandy Hook 1 on page 41.  One statement says:

“(Redacted) stated that Adam was always troubled, but brilliant.  (Redacted) recalls when Adam was in ninth grade; Nancy Lanza told her a story regarding how either the Central Intelligence Agency or Federal Bureau of Investigation came to her residence because Adam “hacked” through two levels of security on one of their computer networks…”

A USA Today articles talks about the hacking that Adam did:

It is probably nothing, just my own personal observation, but reports 1200704559, Book 8, #00003319 and #00003333 included the Nexis Lexis criminal history reports run on both Adam and Ryan Lanza. The reports are, of course, completely redacted but it is interesting to realize that the report on Adam was 17 pages long, and the report on Ryan was 21 pages in length.  Obviously there is no way to know how much, if any, information was on each page, but it seems like an excessively lengthy report for two young men who apparently have never been arrested or even suspected of anything nefarious.

ATF Report/Grand Jury Info:  Throughout the CSP report, information is given about the guns Nancy Lanza owned, including models, serial numbers, date of purchase, seller, close-up photos, etc., so most is not secret. The ATF sent their report, #00159702, to the CSP, and it includes a letter which says:

“these materials may not be disclosed to any entity (individual or otherwise) outside your agency without prior authorization from ATF. This prohibition on disclosure extends to governmental, non-governmental, and judicial entities.  If you receive a request or demand (including a subpoena or judicial order) for production of these materials, please have the requesting party contact ATF immediately…”

That report is 49 pages long, 47 of them from the ATF.  38 of those 47 pages are completely redacted.  But on the final page, it says. “Pages 48-102 redacted for the following reasons: Grand Jury Material.”  But There are no such pages; page 47 is the last page that the ATF included.  The remainder are missing.

Because this report was created by the ATF, we can logically conclude that the Grand Juries that were already convened dealt with Adam and Nancy Lanza’s guns.  The question is how did the guns they owned, which were all purchased legally, become involved in a Grand Jury investigatiion that was already scheduled before the shooting?  Of course, that is presuming that the information we are given about the guns they owned is factual and complete.  How would we know?

But clearly, from that report alone, we can logically conclude that the Grand Jury that was already scheduled as early as Dec. 14, did involve Nancy and Adam Lanza’s guns.

Adam’s Hard Drive:  One of the hard drives of the space shuttle Columbia was blown up in a fiery explosion, burned, crashed to earth, and lay in a dry creek bed for 6 months before being found.  And yet, nearly all of the information was still able to be recovered from it.

Media reports concentrated on the fact that Adam Lanza destroyed his computer hard drive, a Seagate Barracuda 500gb (in fact, there were four hard drives, a laptop computer, seized from the Lanza home and turned over to the FBI).  Adam Lanza purportedly removed the Barracuda hard drive from his desktop computer and damaged it with a screwdriver.

How Deeply was the FBI Involved in the Sandy Hook Massacre? | 5 | False Flags Government Corruption Sleuth Journal US News

According to report #00193569, this hard drive was turned over to the FBI on 12/15/2012, and yet no information was reported to have been recovered from it.  I could find no report in either file about the actual recovery effort, or the results (or lack of.)

It would appear that the public reports about data not being able to be recovered from the Barracuda hard drive, all came from media reporting, not from the CSP report.  In these articles, a ‘law enforcement source’ told them that the hard drive was smashed with either a screwdriver or a hammer, and would have to be put back together. That is obviously not correct. The hard drive was photographed with a screwdriver lying beside it (there was a dumbbell, but no hammer) and with deep scratch marks on the surface, but it appears to be intact.

Most electronic information that was able to be retrieved was found on the Transcend external hard drive that was found on a shelf in Adam’s bedroom closet, or on Nancy Lanza’s laptop computer.

Summarization:  The above article by no means contains all of the nonsensical information contained in the CSP report, but is a summary of some of the FBI involvement.

I want to add a blurb here about who we ‘truthers ‘are.  We are many. We are unified but are individuals; only a few of us know each other personally yet we converse and share information often.  We’re not a paid group, we’re not ghouls who want to dig up graves, we’re not anarchists… most of us are people who recognize that something is seriously wrong and who also understand that there are powers that are working against our country, and some of those powers are in our own government.  Many of us are professional people, specialized in certain areas, who look at an event such as this and quickly realize

  1. that responders were completely inept and lies were created to cover up their incompetence, or that
  2. that this was an intentional act of violence, with lives sacrificed for a specific purpose, or
  3. that this event was nothing more than a false flag, a hoax, carried out to trick people into believing it was real, in order to accomplish a specific goal…. or more likely, a combination of goals.

Most of us work on solving these events because we love our country and worry about the future for our children; others just like a good mystery.  There are many of us; we are tied together with a common goal of figuring out what happened.  We have been censored, villianized, victimized, sued, threatened, lost our jobs, and even arrested.  Articles have been written about how evil we are.  We are often infiltrated by people who deliberately say and do things that will reflect badly on the rest of us.  We may have some bad or unbalanced people among us but generally they are not researchers, but people with strong opinions who should not reflect on the rest of us, or the research we have done.

What do we want?  I think most of us want a new investigation by people who weren’t involved and who don’t benefit financially.  I speak only for myself, but I personally want either a congressional or a grand jury investigation into not only the shooting event itself, but also into the response and subsequent investigation by the local Newtown Police, the Connecticut State Police, the FBI and other federal agencies who may have taken part, and also into the formulation of the final CSP report by Stephen Sedensky.  Something is very, very wrong, and the truth needs to be pursued, no matter how far up the ladder it goes.

I want to share my entire packet of research with you; it is by no means all of my research.  I only ask in return that you share this article with everyone that you can think of, especially politicians, journalists, authors, the media, investigative researchers, other researchers, etc.  If they are inundated with many people demanding they look into what really happened, perhaps we can finally get someone to investigate the investigators.

The entire packet is available here: Feel free to download it or copy it.  I would like to add that anyone is welcome to use any, or all, of my research in their own articles.

Addendum:  Below are screen prints of documents that Wolfgang Halbig has uncovered, proving that Chalk Hill school was in the possession of the Newtown School District months before the shooting, and that those students were already attending Chalk Hill, not Sandy Hook, when the event happened.

Since my own research focuses only on the official reports, I cannot comment on Wolf’s findings, but I do urge you to follow him on Twitter and Facebook, or contact him personally if you have information to share with him, or if you are interested in a media interview.  I’d also like to thank Tony Mead, Eric Pearson and so many other researchers for their relentless pursuit of the truth and the constant inspiration they give to me.

How Deeply was the FBI Involved in the Sandy Hook Massacre? | 6-1024x462 | False Flags Government Corruption Sleuth Journal US News

How Deeply was the FBI Involved in the Sandy Hook Massacre? | 7-1024x600 | False Flags Government Corruption Sleuth Journal US News

See also by Diane Jakopovic: A Medical Practitioner Analyzes the Sandy Hook Shooting’s Official Report’s Errors and Anomalies 

Diane Jakopovic is a retired respiratory therapist residing in Nebraska. She has certification in respiratory pediatric and neonatal care and is a registered polysomnography technician.

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