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Do you remember that little box to check, or not check, at the end of your income tax form, the one which says “Would you like three dollars of your taxes to go toward the ‘Presidential Election Campaign Fund’ ? ” (This is supposed to go toward political party approved presidential candidates who don’t have enough money to run expensive television ads.)

Why not do the same for independent media?

After all, “Propaganda”, according to past federal law, is illegal. How is it then that “news”, of which 98% is now owned by just six corporations due to Reagan “deregulation”, which previously limited the number of “news” outlets an entity could own to only two, after which there is now no limit, why are “news” organizations, of which the CIA admits to having a minimum of four hundred agents posing as “journalists” therein, why are “news” organizations allowed to, deliberately and repeatedly, have a specific political agenda, even though they are claiming to be just “news”, which is supposed to simply report the facts without expressing an opinion thereof ?

It seems to me, that if a product which claimed to be “healthy”, in fact, made your health worse, then the government would shut down such an operation in the best interest of public safety. Likewise, if an organization which claims to be “news” is really in existence to promote a specific political agenda, then such an organization should also be shut down for misrepresentation.

All this being the case and the real state of the “news” in America, what I propose is that a law be enacted which forbids corporations from owning “news”, for the simple fact that corporations have an interest in promoting one view over another.

In ancient Greece, the apparent origin of “Democracy”, representatives of the people were chosen by lottery, not popular election, the same way a jury is selected today, which sometimes holds the power of life and death. Why not follow this example and choose “journalists” by lottery? As television networks, before deregulation, used to be required to broadcast “Public Service Announcements”, otherwise lose their operational license, why not require that publishers of print and television channel owners, be required to provide a small percentage of their infrastructure, let’s say one hour a day for television and one magazine a week for print or online publishers, toward Truly independent news, funded by the taxpayers, chosen by lottery, and now forbidden to be owned by corporations, instead being a purely non-profit organization to serve the public interest, who’s specific objective is to question the government’s operational integrity. This is precisely what the job of the press is supposed to be, according to previous president John Kennedy.

A few years ago, one of the last times I watched network entertainment television, a teenage couple was “making out” (passionately kissing) on the sofa in a scene on ABC’s “Family Channel”. (I suppose it was considered “family” because the couple was heterosexual.) Had this same program been broadcast when Kennedy was president, the FBI would have knocked on the door of the network president’s home at midnight and hauled him off to jail. Fifty years later, this very same scene, is not only considered “acceptable”, it is even considered more than acceptable by being registered as especially “family friendly”.

When I was a child, fifty years ago, if a television “news” person expressed their opinion, let’s say toward one presidential candidate over another, they would have been immediately fired. Today, this same behavior, is considered “Standard News Practice”.

If the government regulates the “health” of soda beverages, then shouldn’t they especially regulate the truthfulness of the “News”? The only way that I know of in which the government can do this objectively, is to make “News” mandatorily non-profit, and to forbid corporations from owning the same, placing instead this trust to the People Alone, funded and operated by the people, let’s say with a mere forty billion dollars annually out of a nearly four trillion dollar yearly budget, or a mere one percent of the government’s annual budget, to be dedicated solely to the integrity of public information.

I will discuss all this, and much more, in this week’s episode of Conspiracy Corner News.

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