How To Remain Healthy In Your Home

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A home is a place that you’re supposed to feel comfortable in, but are you really aware of the damage it could be doing to your wellbeing? Many are ignorant to the toxins that are present in their air, whether they originate from plastic, unsustainable furniture or mould spores floating from untreated areas. As a result, regardless of whether you’re of optimal health, or you rely on mobility scooters to get around, you’ll want to try your hardest to ensure that you remain healthy in your home, but how can you do this?

Cleanse Your Home Of Mould & Mildew

Mould and mildew can build up in your home rapidly before you can realise it’s an issue. Simple air ventilation can prevent mould from building up and spreading, but not everyone wants to keep their windows open during the freezing cold months. Luckily, mould and damp can be prevented with home renovations such as a Kenwood basement tanking service. Pregnant women and children in particular are highly vulnerable to mould spores, so do your best to reduce the amount of moisture in your home where possible.

Test For Radon

For those who don’t know, radon is a radioactive gas that’s released when uranium breaks down naturally, often in rocks, soil and water. 1 in 15 homes are often affected by high levels of radon, and this toxic gas is considered as one of the largest causes of lung cancer amongst non-smokers. Without the ability to smell or see the gas, it’s challenging to know when you’re exposed to it, however a radon tester will allow you to find out whether or not you’re exposed to the gas before it can become a problem. If the test reports that you have high levels of radon, you will need to invest in a certified radon-mitigation contractor in order to effectively remove the gas from your home.

Purify The Air You Breathe

While you can see damp build-up on the walls, radon and mould spores are completely invisible, yet we could still breathe them in heavily on a daily basis. While there are obvious, highly effective treatments for both mould and radon, purchasing an air purifier is an excellent way to grant you with extra peace of mind that you’re detoxifying the air and thus making your home healthier for yourself and your family. Plus, even after receiving treatments for damp or radon gas, you can still keep your air purifier running to prevent any other harmful chemicals and toxins from contaminating the air again in the future!

Avoid Chemically-Packed Products

Having said the above, it’s no good in investing in home restoring services and purifying devices if you continue to inject more toxins into the air. As a result, you’ll want to try your best to avoid chemical pesticides and other chemical-based cleaners, instead using oil, basic soaps and water as a means to get your cleaning done, or alternatively organic, plant-based products. Numerous health problems have been linked to the chemicals present in cleaning products, so it’s always best to opt for natural cleaning solutions instead to keep your home healthy.

People are often under the myth that because they’re cleaning their home, their thus keeping themselves and everyone else healthy, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Many cleaning products can damage our health due to the chemical contents, and even with that aside, there are other invisible factors that will contribute to health problems, so abide by these tips and you can rest assured that your house will remain healthy.

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