Humanity Versus Government: A Long Story Of Two Competing Consciousness

Humanity Versus Government: A Long Story Of Two Competing Consciousness | Humanity-Versus-Government-Competing-Consciousness | Consciousness Government Government Control Government Corruption Sleuth Journal Society

Humanity’s awakened segment now stands toe to toe against the consciousness of control more easily understood as government. Ultimately it is the individuals who work on behalf of entities that are trying desperately to control humanity that are perpetuating this consciousness of control and enslavement on humanity. The controlling entities have minions at the very top who live in a ‘control and oppression’ consciousness. This control-consciousness is now well defined. Its parent comes from the highest level of power. The dark individuals involved, in some cases avoid cameras and are pushing the global government agenda behind the scenes. These dark forces spread their influence and effect in an outward direction. They have the money and the resources to expand their dark ideologies of hatred, murder, deceit, greed, control, and power. The now quantifiable darkness and suffering they bestow on humanity is fictionalized by Hollywood, institutionalized by the Education system, made available to consciousness by their mainstream media and then trivialized, and disseminated and marketed throughout humanity in various other subliminal and calculated ways.

For those awakened to the state of the world and the information war that defines our battle for survival, you see this dissemination of darkness and suffering every day now. Those voices you hear on TV are not just ordinary voices, they are factual and effective tools for the dissemination of deceit, trickery, death and destruction on humanity. The mainstream media mouthpieces of the control system need to disseminate key messages to the minds of the humans in order for their warfare against humanity to be successful.

Understanding the existence of this warfare of consciousness in its own proper existential context separate from our subjective experience is a key to tackling, exposing and ultimately defeating this form of (dark, controlling) consciousness. We must reconcile and commonly acknowledge the existence of this battle for humanity and the identity of each side.

The masses, whose consciousness is being fought for by both sides of the consciousness informational warzone, act as children and newborn babies simply feeling their way through life, learning new things and easily pacified by entertainment, treats, emotion and physical stimuli. This third group (those unaware and asleep in the matrix) exists but since they are the audience in this enormous battle for consciousness I’ll say no more about this (still asleep) segment of humanity.

On the other side of things humanity has given birth to an awakened segment who understands the grand chess game. An awakened conscious segment of humanity that understands the odds, the risks, the pros and cons of fighting in this game, the consequences at stake if we don’t fight, the true meaning of resistance, and the context of the ultimate goal we have for exposing and defeating this control system and redirecting the human conscious journey in a positive direction.

Does any of this make sense? Sounds too crazy? Can you see how all of what we are is consciousness? And the human experience is a blend of the individual subjective (existential) experience and the factual objective reality that surrounds us and directly influences our current state of being.

We have seen many times throughout history and the recent past how objective reality and changes in the physical world we live in are manipulated by government in a predictable 3-step logical dance many of us call Problem Reaction Solution. This 3-Step logical philosophy has been repeatedly used by the control system to implement almost all of their plans. Exposing this 3-step strategy remains one of the key tools for waking others up.

Despite sizable gains by the awakened segment of humanity, the control system continues to repeat their strategies and tactics. Let’s use this to our advantage when employing counter strategies. This habit of repeating their tactics without any creativity is now a factual, exploitable weakness the control system has shown many times. Thus the often repeated argument- the more government false flags and state sponsored crimes occur the more people are waking up-

But just how wide apart are these two opposing consciousness? As wide as ever and the wider these two consciousness become the greater the sifting process on those still asleep. Now, more than ever the average un-awakened individual is under pressure to commit to the mainstream media narrative or risk the sense of not fitting in or perhaps joining the “conspiracy theory” crowd. It takes more effort to believe government and mainstream media lies now than ever before. To use 9/11 as an example- In order to still believe the 9/11 official story you have to ignore thousands of video presentations (not just one or two like before), and you have to commit to the Bin Laden death hoax hidden body and all. You have to commit to the theory that two planes CAN bring down three buildings. You have to commit to the narrative that nano-thermite chips tested and proven to release nano-thermite like energy are really just paint chips.

Now believing in the mainstream media-government narrative requires you to believe that war crimes committed by Israel are just an act of “defense”, that ISIS is a real terror group that came about on it’s own and really could magically appear in the U.S. instead of attacking neighboring Israel which would be so much easier of a target. You have to believe that Russia really is somehow the new boogie monster despite the State Department’s lack of evidence from their “intelligence sources”, that world war three is justified and that it is fair game to watch your own sons and daughters die in support of the U.S. empire and its wars of aggression on sovereign nation after sovereign nation.

More than ever living in the matrix of lies involves completely ignoring all facts and reason and basing your opinion strictly on what you see on TV (mainstream media). More than ever this scenario is becoming a more difficult pill to realistically swallow.

As with the consciousness of truth that makes up the awakened segment of humanity, the control (government-media) consciousness requires a cascade of beliefs that come from every angle and only builds upon itself. To be consumed by and live in the government control consciousness you have to believe that chemical lines forming tic-tac-toe skies are natural clouds and jet contrails, you have to believe that genetically modified food is good for you, you have to believe that U.S. continued aggression (ie. murdering people) against any nation is just fine as long as the State Department and Pentagon “intelligence sources” can spin together press conferences and Presidential speeches that build a case for those stated aggressions. You have to believe that any form of protest does deserve to be suppressed by a police state that criminalizes free speech. You must also condone and rationalize why the State is allowed to operate almost entirely in secret. You must rationalize why a private criminal banking cartel is justified in supplying the currency of our country and charging interest on this imaginary currency whose circulation is a representation of debt. To maintain this government consciousness you must see humanity as nothing more than a bunch of animals that need to be contained nothing more.

The lifeline of the mainstream media-government control consciousness can now be mapped out with respect to time and we can now see how government control consciousness is entirely non-evolving. That’s right, when one looks at government consciousness since the time of the attacks of 9/11/01 you can research footage from our usual politicians thirteen or more years ago and then listen to them now. Notice how their consciousness is arrested! They sound exactly the same now as they did then. No evolution of consciousness whatsoever!

We can now step back and evaluate a few things about the control consciousness:

1. They resort to repeated (false flag) tactics
2. They resort to repeated phrases and trigger words
3. They rely on an un-awakened public constantly pacified with entertainment and distraction.
4. They absolutely never evolve for the better or experience any form of enlightenment.
5. The end result of what they do is- government always gets bigger and more controlling and the individual’s rights get smaller

Think about it, why doesn’t Dick Cheney sound more evolved thirteen years later? Why does he sound like the exact same person? How about Dianne Feinstein? Where’s the evolution of consciousness? The controlling race, consciousness, spirit, and psychopathic mindset that we are seeing manifesting itself on humanity is, in the best case scenario almost inhuman. There is definitely something very different about this consciousness, more different than probably most people care to admit.

It is now clear that there is a ‘bad’ seed within humanity. This segment, as mentioned above, is very focused on destroying the rest of humanity. Apparently this self destructive nature is either in our DNA or it is a manifestation of either a force outside of our species or it is an evolved cancer within our species, so negatively evolved that it resembles another species.

For those that understand the meaning of consciousness and how it applies to all of this, we have to be focused not on converting the bad seeds but on continuing the manifestation and the global circulation of truth-consciousness so that humanity is constantly exposed to this state of mind. We (those awakened) must act as a team, as they do. We must template what they do. We must not pressure ourselves to try to do too much for the end result is a function of the whole. We must also realize how different we are from them and how important it is to stay mindful of our paradigm as experienced by our consciousness.

Let’s take advantage of the fact that our consciousness (unlike the control consciousness) DOES evolve. This evolving nature is what allows us to become re-energized, re-focused, and re-ignited in our passion for truth. The evolving nature of the ‘truth consciousness’ that many of us are experiencing is exciting. In a sense our excitement comes from not knowing what government will do next. Not having the physical power (or the perceived physical power) to control our future (to some degree) triggers a heightened state of awareness which then gives off energy. This energy is then felt by all even those that are asleep. This energy is the power of life (god) working through us.

This is the light that brings people to realize the truth when they are finally ready. Yes, enlightenment is ALSO part of our journey. Welcome to life. The government and control system however, in their dark control-consciousness that only promotes war and suffering will never remind you that you are capable of enlightenment because in their dark paradigm and miserable consciousness government is life, it is the reason you are alive (to pay taxes), it (government) gives you permission to live (literally in some cases), to live a comfortable life (if you pay up, no debt, not critical of govt.) or not. In this dark paradigm it (government) decides whether you’ve been good or bad and the notion of human enlightenment is seen as a threat to the government control system instead of a miracle and a gift of nature. Are you beginning to see the contrasting nature of these two competing consciousness?

In one consciousness humanity is evolving, becoming more aware, building strategies based on new knowledge about who we are, where we are going, and where we came from. In the other consciousness we are all slaves, useless eaters that deserve to be controlled, monitored, surveilled, recorded, punished, controlled, kept in line, and eliminated if it is convenient to the overall control plan.

In one consciousness we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as humanity wakes up. We are now imagining new solutions to our problems and becoming fully aware of the obstacles blocking these easy, effective and global solutions to humanity’s problems. In this same enlightened consciousness we realize the power and miracle of being human, we value each life as if it were our own, and we respect all of nature realizing the earth is ours to care for. In the competing dark consciousness however, life is a competition for power and control. The earth is one big laboratory to experiment with for things that allow for more control of humanity. In this consciousness of darkness life has no value, each and every person alive is scum consuming resources, life is a nuisance instead of a miracle, humans should not enjoy life but instead take their position as slaves for the masters that control them. Are you starting to see how this wedge of consciousness is one of sanity versus insanity? The rational versus the psychopath? Love versus hate and fear? Compassion versus ruthless violent hatred?

For this reason I believe this battle for truth and consciousness is the same battles that many people throughout history have fought in one way or another. In our current generation and in the hearts and minds of those of us fully awakened, life has now come full circle. We (the awakened segment of humanity) have all the scripts and tools before us to get to work to solve our problems. We now know who is committing crimes and why, we know where they want to go with it and why, we have all their stated and written blueprints of intentions, and we have a deep fund of knowledge about how humans operate. We know how humans are influenced, lured into believing lies, brainwashed into committing war crimes, pacified into a life of indifference and complacency, and we even know generally speaking, what it takes to wake someone up.

So as the world becomes a scarier place to live given all the death traps and scare tactics the globalists have prepared for us at this point in history, let us somehow keep everything they throw at humanity in a tiny box. Let us minimize and contain their script and show the rest of the world how great life can be when you don’t live in their dark synthetic paradigm and consciousness. Yes, this place absolutely exists. As many of us learn to live independently of the dark control system, we will continue to explore new ideas about exactly how to be free.

We already know that humanity cannot and will not be contained. Many of us are determined to be the last man standing and our minds and consciousness are where they are supposed to be. So bring on the dark days. Let’s begin a fresh new round of ‘bogey-monster-gonna-get-you’ – Bring on the new 9/11 event that will be blamed on CIA’s/Mossad’s ISIS. Wow, we’re (supposed to be) so afraid. Blow up the world, blow it all up, bring it on, human consciousness will win and is already winning. They forgot that human consciousness cannot and will not be contained. We are one by design of nature not because we want it to be that way. We are one because we really are one.

The early revolutionaries, religious prophets, leaders, and critical thinkers all understood consciousness. Somehow I now get the feeling every account in history has been potentially twisted to detach us from the reality that is apparent to some of us. This is all part of the same story. The story of humanity. They story of two consciousness. One which seeks to be free and explore new levels of knowledge, compassion, love and realizations, and the other which is stuck in time, never evolves, seeks to oppress and punish, and seeks to control you and I.

This government engineered consciousness of darkness and control is the darkness that humanity has eluded to in many historic writings. I now believe every account of evil, darkness, suffering, pain, agony, and injustice is a reference to the same darkness and evil we see manifested today, whether in the form of a lie (propaganda and revision of history) or whether it is an accurate account.

I also believe seeing this birds-eye view of the human experience exponentially gets us closer to a restoration of human consciousness and redirection of the human journey in a positive direction. The bad news is that historically, humanity does not restore itself until many people die. History has it that other civilizations have died off in many cases for unconfirmed or unknown reasons but many historians speculate the causes due to the species ignoring the warning signs of something that needed to be addressed or humanity essentially doing it to themselves.

Are we narrating our own ending? Will humanity actually overcome the current nuclear armed, militarily powered, bio-warfare ready, oppression-obsessed control system? Do we really think that we can generate enough awareness and consciousness to trigger a change in direction of the species when the enemy does not have a consciousness? The odds don’t look good. Almost certainly they will count their victories as time goes on but there is a silver line of hope and here it is.

Consciousness has an energy state that none of us (even government) understand fully or know how to control. Consciousness is a preservation tool that the human race is equipped with whose purpose is to keep the species together, preserve the species, empathize with one another and defend against evil oppression. Consciousness must not be underestimated. Read history and see how just one person can in some situations change the world. These cases when one person makes a monumental difference are all byproducts of the spread of consciousness.

So let’s allow life to play out. If indeed it was meant for the globalists to rule the world then there is either no god or the god that exists has a deal with them. If however, there is a god who loves humanity then there is a 100% chance that the globalists will fail. Whether each and every one of us witnesses that failure is not certain since none of us know when we will die. We can however rest assured that if there is an order outside of the globalists evil plans to control the world then their plan will fail. There is also a very plausible scenario that we (who are awakened) are the solution and we are winning in a way far greater than what we realize. We are the antidote, we are the neutralizing force that they cannot contain because we represent consciousness, the opposing consciousness to their consciousness.

Like reading about a natural cure for cancer. The “natural cure” is not invented or synthesized in a pharmaceutical lab, it is discovered because it was always there. Likewise consciousness is discovered because it was always there. People evolve, minds open, and knowledge revealed. These are the days in which we now live in. Now is the time to take every story seriously, be sure of what you believe in. Stop living in and believing mainstream media lies and see the grand picture of things. It is time to realize that without this birds-eye view of the world you are blind and will never get the full picture.

Can you now see the full nature of the mainstream media news? The government control consciousness they sell us every single day? They exist to keep your consciousness unplugged and to keep you in the matrix of lies. To see the nature of the warfare against consciousness is to see the battlefield. You will soon see that this battlefield consists of primarily two competing consciousness and an un-awakened audience. If you see this big picture you are soldier in the revolution for the survival of the human race whether you like it or not. What role you choose to take and how you help the team is up to you. Welcome to reality. Are you up for the battle?

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About The Author

Bernie Suarez is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.

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