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PDF readers are now one of the most used softwares in the digital world. They make your work simple and let you create and edit documents in just minutes. PDF readers serve as a complete software where you can view, create, modify and protect files and documents, meaning, you won’t have to install any additional softwares to handle PDF files; PDF readers can help you do it all.

PDF readers are used in many industries today because of its ease of use, security, compatibility and quick processing. Let’s have a look at some of the industries where PDF readers like SodaPDF are used:

Educational Institutions

PDF readers let you take notes and write anything from scratch. This is why students love PDF readers. They not only let them copy down notes and draw diagrams on blank PDFs but also let them share files among their classmates and collaborate on class assignments.

Today, most forms are filled online, all thanks to PDF readers. They let you create forms and fill them without having to get a print out. It also saves cost for institutions to make hundreds of copies to distribute among students.

Many college/university teachers prefer to make students write their thesis and important research work on PDF files. This is because they are secure and easy to maintain. The teacher can give comments where they feel necessary on the PDF documents too.

Besides this, PDF readers have a lot more use in educational institutes and everyone from staff to students use these tools.

Business Companies

It takes a lot to run a business and make it successful. You need to track the accounts, manage the employees and whatnot. PDF readers contribute to  businesses by letting them create important documents that have sensitive information in them such as bank statements, payroll information, credit card information etc.

PDF readers offer high-end security for PDF files and make sure that a non-authorized person doesn’t get access to change or even view a file.

You can also import files from external sources and convert them into PDF formats if they are in some other format. Doing so, doesn’t change the contents of the file nor the format.

PDF readers are best to use for business purposes because they are lightweight and do not consume a lot of RAM, keeping the performance of your device smooth and running.

Software Houses

A software house has to create software documentation whenever they build a software for a client or a company. These documentations are usually made on PDF readers since PDF files are easy to open and sign.

PDF readers allow software companies to write content as well as put images on the document.


These and many other industries are using PDF readers for many years now and have never been more happy as handling PDF files on PDF readers is much more easier than to write files on other software.

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