Iran Offers to Send Emergency Aid Crew to New York After Hurricane Sandy

Iran Offers to Send Emergency Aid Crew to New York After Hurricane Sandy  | p-MMR0204 | Government Medical & Health News Articles US News World News

In the wake of the destruction caused by hurricane Sandy the people of Iran are reaching out in a variety of ways, by offering help and emergency aid relief. Even the Red Crescent Organization of Iran has offered to send an emergency response team to help with the rescue and clean up effort.

Mahmud Mozaffar, the leader of the Red Crescent Organization told the Fars News Agency that:

“We are ready to help the flood-stricken people of America. Given its preparedness and ample experience in rescuing storms and floods victims, Iran’s Red Crescent can provide relief assistance for those affected in New York. If American authorities agree, we can send our rescuers with equipment and tools to American cities in the shortest period of time.”

It is very possible that American authorities will not accept this offer because the Red Crescent Organization is known to have deep connections with the Iranian government. Another organization close with the Iranian government made a similar request a few years ago in offering to help clean up the Deep Horizon BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, this offer was quickly turned down by the US government.

Iran is a much more complicated situation than the half dozen other countries that have already been invaded in this conquest, it’s far more delicate. Iran’s population and military capabilities far surpass that of Iraq and Afghanistan, it is one of the most powerful countries in the Middle East and has been for a very long time.

Despite their immense power and influence in the region they have not waged a foreign conflict in over a century, and they don’t pose much of a threat today either. However, they are still being demonized because they don’t comply with Anglo-American business interests like the extremely brutal and fascist dictatorship in Saudi Arabia does.

That is not to say that the government of Iran is totally harmless, all governments are inherently criminal and corrupt because they operate on a basis of force, fraud and coercion. However, it does mean that at least historically the aggression of the Iranian government has been focused inside its own borders.

All of that aside, this is still a commendable offer of peace on the part of this government connected group in Iran, and believe it or not, this is an offer which reflects the sentiments of the average Iranian person. For well over a year now peace activists in Iran have been teaming up with other peace activists in Israel and the United States to spread a message of love and unity among people of all geographical locations…..regardless of what all the crazy politicians say.

One of the most popular of these efforts is the Iran loves Israel and Israel loves Iran campaign, which started out as a viral Facebook phenomena where Iranians and Israelis would send messages of love to one another and reassure each other that the hateful rhetoric put forward by governments and media outlets are totally out of line with the true feelings of the average person.

Wars belong to the politicians, the weapons manufactures and the bankers, it is their hate and their propaganda that drives the violence in these conflicts. The people at home just want to live long happy and peaceful lives.

The following is the front page quote on the Iran Loves Israel web page:

“Nothing about war is healing. It doesn’t plant seeds of change – only of discord and pain. The people of Iran, like our counterparts in Israel, are vibrant, creative, and forward-thinking. We need a transparent arena where ideas can be exchanged, thoughts developed, and discourse inspired by our similarly ancient cultures. Although many countries in the Middle East suffer from debilitating international stereotypes, we can unite to transform the media’s image of us as violent and intolerant aggressors to loving and cooperative partners. As we go through the crucible of our inherited animosities, we can burn away our superficial differences and together emerge with a greater understanding of humanity.”

The Israel Loves Iran web site has an equally positive quote on their front page:

“Once you see your enemy as a human being similar to yourself, being expressing his love and understand he doesn’t hate you as years of propaganda succeed to make you believe, you can never go back to blind hate, then you can start to know each other and you will be ready for peace.”

Last month we reported on the insanity of trade sanctions, and how they are literally killing millions of people, simply because they are under the oppression of a government that is not in favor with the west. The activism that is truly needed to stop this sort of madness is going to be situations where the average people of waring nations extend love and support to one another.

This will totally undermine the propaganda of war, by helping others to understand that individuals should not be punished for the actions of the governments that oppress them.


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