Is Your Legislator Advancing Agenda 21?

Is Your Legislator Advancing Agenda 21? | agenda21 | Agenda 21 Agriculture & Farming Environment EPA Eugenics & Depopulation Government Government Control Government Corruption Losing Rights News Articles Society Special Interests United Nations US News World News

State legislators are advancing UN Agenda 21/sustainable development by lack of oversight. You must confront them with the truth at every meeting they hold when they are home. They lie.

UN Agenda 21 calls for the managed decline of America in order to level the playing field and pay reparations to third world countries. The middle class polluters must be destroyed and American’s must be controlled by the Government according to Agenda 21 redistribution policies.

Sustainable Developments means development of society that meets the needs of the present society without compromising the needs of future society to meet their own needs. Gro Harlem Brundtland, 1987, friend of Hillary Clinton

What does that mean? Government will control of every aspect of humanity by changing consumption patterns as, “lifestyles of the affluent middle class are unsustainable.” Maurice Strong UN Sec General.

UN Agenda 21/sustainable development – controls every aspect of human behavior forcing illogical government regulation over the American citizens and industry in the name of saving the planet. By incorporating the 3 E’s of Agenda 21, Environment, Economy, Equity and the silent E of Education Agenda 21 will destroy your state. Some sample of damage already done:

  • The Environment – using phony data destroys farming and fishing with overpowering regulations – Individual Property Rights must take a back seat for the good of the collective” Harvey Ruvin , Miami Dade Clerk of Courts, FL Energy Commission and Vice Chair of ICLEI. *ICLEI is the UN NGO marketing arm implementing UN Agenda 21 sustainable development on a local and state level.
  • The Economy – the contrived economic disaster destroyed families and neighborhoods while allowing neighborhoods to be ripe for communist foreign investing. Tax dollars are used for instituting overly expensive conservation land purchases. Regardless of the amount of fraud, most citizen cases are not investigated and no one is responsible.
  • Equity – You lose your identity as theft of private property by phony condemnation of land by NGO’s and government official, also replacing family with school, God with government and America with the UN. Does your county belong to NACo? NACO gets its funding from you and UN agencies. Do you have an associations of counties? These NGO’s often receive funding and instructions from NACo (therefore from the UN) and are charged with implementation of Agenda 21 in your state. These NGO’s like ICMA, FAC, Friends of… APA, use our tax dollars to lobby and implement Agenda 21 by training our local officials.
  • Education – deliberately dumb down students by eliminating logic, reason, critical thinking and American history prior to 1865. Students are indoctrinating into believing they are the enemy of the earth and must comply with communism/sustainability workforce training programs. Common Core Standards implement communism through indoctrination. Shirley Mc Clune (1989 Governors Association meeting) changed education by
  1. Eliminating facts- claiming truth is no longer necessary
  2. Changing individualism to collectivism
  3. Instituting training for work not education for life.

Is Your Legislator Advancing Agenda 21? | agenda21-1 | Agenda 21 Agriculture & Farming Environment EPA Eugenics & Depopulation Government Government Control Government Corruption Losing Rights News Articles Society Special Interests United Nations US News World News

Due to this lack of education, Justice Scalia said the Constitution is dead. Contact your School Board, they have the power. Read More

The results are massive spending programs for education with no significant results. ONLY a curriculum change will “Fix” education.

Not to worry, Communist Bill Ayers is the key not speaker for the Association of Teacher Educators Meeting Read More

“In order to save the planet, we must destroy capitalism.” Maurice Strong, UN Sec General. And so the Evil Elite continue to manage the decline of America, forcing redistribution through class warfare.

The Agenda calls for:

  • unlimited rezoning
  • re development of Wildlands, Wetlands
  • creating food shortages
  • creating food price spikes by using corn for fuel
  • water reclassification stealing land from private individuals and industry through a variety of environmental programs with funding grants from the UN and Federal government.

These programs like ESA, wetlands, wild lands, climate, CO2 have no scientific or financial basis. They are designed to fail, as long as they spend money so the decline of America can be managed.Is Your Legislator Advancing Agenda 21? | agenda-21 | Agenda 21 Agriculture & Farming Environment EPA Eugenics & Depopulation Government Government Control Government Corruption Losing Rights News Articles Society Special Interests United Nations US News World News

State Legislators pay more attention to grants without looking at restrictions and will implement many of these “environmental programs” without oversight. Many legislators have become the “useful idiots” pushing the communist agenda with PPP (that eliminate competition using public funds to finance private favored corporations) and Regional councils (that eliminate local and state governments). Lack of oversight in Florida schools bringing 6 Radical Islamic charter schools, 2 UN Global Schools and soon a communist Chinese Charter School.

As with all Agenda 21 programs, they are designed to fail…..Obamacare is designed to bankrupt the state and IS NOT THE LAW OF THE LAND. Two of the key components of funding and implementing Obamacare are the state-run Health Care Exchanges and the expansion of Medicaid. Neither of these two components is required by law and Florida Legislature can reject both as other states have done.

Florida (substitute your state) state legislators blindly accept grants without looking at the factual information or stipulations. As a result:

  • Florida agriculture including farming and fishing (used to be #2 in the country) is almost gone. Farmers are fined and fee into extinction. This will accomplish 2 Agenda 21 goals – Depopulation due to food shortages, Redistribution of wealth as we are forced to by food from cesspools and uninspected third world country farms.
  • Florida has the largest natural gas reserve no longer viable due to environmental terrorism. Your energy prices will skyrocket so you will be forced to use less curtailing your mobility while forcing you to use overpriced ‘Green” products from companies who donate back to the regime.
  • Over 47% of Florida’s land is off the tax roles locked in some Fed, State or Environmental program. This is a constant loss of income to the state causing resident taxes to escalate.
  • Florida legislators often write laws and regulations benefiting special interest or family, friends and donors using these phony programs. i.e Rep Eric Fresen’s brother-in-law owns charter schools. Do Illegals get favored legislation because legislators own farms?
  • Florida legislators sit on boards with conflicts of interest, many Non-profits have ties to the UN. ICLEI members have no business being Mayors, councilmen and legislators. legislators on Chiefs- for Change should not be on education committees.

The economy of America is being destroyed by a managed decline put in place by the globalists running our government through Agenda 21/sustainable development.

These globalists have created a fall of the dollar and a shortage of food and energy. They create crises so Bills get passed without anyone reading them while freedom and liberty decline. Sharia is creeping into Florida schools and because of Political Correctness no one says anything.

Every day more States are beginning to nullify NDAA, Gun Laws, Obamacare, Agenda 21 and Common Core.

What are your legislators doing to protect and prepare its citizens to be independent when the Administration crashes: Economy, Electricity, Food, Education?

I will not comply, will you? I will prepare, will you? Will you tell the truth to everyone you meet? Will you reach out and end the divide by being an American?

Go to, Get Involved.

Go to the Anti Agenda 21 legislation and sign the petition.

Go to American Patriot News and WHY??

Edit the paper for your state and county, get it circulated in your neighborhood. Do not let the lies continue.

STOP Political Correctness, tell the truth, educate yourself and others, have conversations with your neighbors and ACT by using the newspaper and every form of media you can find.

We must stand and fight the forces of evil as unified Americans for there is no place to go once America falls. YOU ARE AMERICA.

Karen Schoen, AgEnder

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