ISIS: The End is Nigh

ISIS: The End is Nigh | isis | War Propaganda World News

By: Anna Jaunger, Inside Syria Media Center |

Recently, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has admitted defeat in Iraq and ordered militants to either flee. In addition, he ordered to close the ISIS headquarter in Iraq. According to the local media, he urged his supporters to run and hide and told ‘non-Arab fighters’ to either return home or blow themselves up with the promise of ’72 women in heaven’.

It seems that his statement reflects plight and flap in the ISIS ranks. The reason is clear – terrorists are continuing to lose the territories in Iraq and Syria. Recently, the Iraqi forces have completely liberated Wadi al-Hajar area in the western Mosul. Earlier, they liberated the eastern part and the airport. Meanwhile, fierce battles in western Mosul are going on.

It should be mentioned that recently, the Syrian Army conducted another attack against ISIS and established control over Palmyra and its surroundings. According to the military, the liberation of the city will allow government forces to extend the anti-terrorist operation. Apparently, the Syrian Army will conduct its next operations in Deir-ez-Zor and Raqqa.

It is clear that a turning point has already been reached. The terrorists’ plans to create their own “state” on the territory of Syria and Iraq have failed, and the terrorists have no place to flee to. As ISIS is a multinational terrorist organization with many mercenaries of various countries in its ranks, the terrorists are likely to run to the EU.

According to Belgian Interior Minister, Jan Jambon, last year, several hundreds of ISIS terrorists with the EU passports could penetrate Europe in the guise of refugees. According to experts, it can cause new sleeper cells of the organization emerging not only in Europe but also all over the world. Thus, the terrorist activity is surely to increase.

That is why now the leaders of Western countries have to concentrate all their efforts not on the demonization of Bashar al-Assad and his army, and but on the real fight against terrorism in Syria. Probably, it is better to join forces with the official Damascus as currently only the Syrian Army and its allies are effectively tackling ISIS.

We can say that in recent years, the government forces with the support of the allies managed to deal such damage to ISIS in Syria that would be hard to recover from. It is extremely important to completely eliminate the terrorist organizations on the territory of Syria and Iraq to prevent the radicals fleeing to other countries.


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