Lucky ISIS Does It Again! “Stumbles” On Massive Weapons Cache In Palmyra

Lucky ISIS Does It Again! "Stumbles" On Massive Weapons Cache In Palmyra | isis-palmyra | Military Military Weapons Propaganda Sleuth Journal War Propaganda World News

Some fake news storylines that the mainstream media puts out are the cornerstone of their plans and the ISIS storyline perpetuated by the mainstream media mostly since 2014 is unmatched when it comes to over-the-top exaggerations, lies, propaganda and outright wild improbabilities that boggle the imagination and challenge your sense of reality. And since I have not covered the ISIS psyop in some time I feel compelled to do so after the recent headline was posted by none other than the now totally discredited and laughable Washington Post. When you read this next story you’ll see that the only thing more laughable than the Washington Post’s lack of credibility is what they’ve done this time to convince you of how powerful and lucky the ISIS categorically “invincible” and I might add, imaginary army is.

Now we’re being told by Thomas Gibbons-Neff of the Washington Post that ISIS was minding its own business recently when BAM! All of a sudden ISIS just so happen to run into yet another massive free weapons cache that now guarantees their prolonged survival and their retaking of the city of Palmyra in Syria.

You may find this amazing stroke of luck unbelievable, improbable maybe even historic from a war history point of view. But given the fictional and mind blowing miracles pulled off by almighty ISIS over the past three years that boggle the imagination no one should be surprised by this latest “news”. You may be thinking, but wait, all journalists at the Washington Post confirm their stories to be factual before they put them out, right? And journalists at the Washington Post confirm the authenticity of their sources right? Actually, what I’m about to share is the even more shocking part of this story.

Below you can read for yourself that the main source of this “story” is … get this … ISIS! Yes ISIS! You cannot make this up. And notice below (highlighted in bold) that every aspect of the evidence is questionable, is delivered by ISIS themselves and of course believed and repeated by US officials. In fact when asked to authenticate the “story” a US “Defense official” source insisted on being anonymous! Even worse and more shocking (noted in enlarged bold letters) notice how Washington Post even suggests that at least part of this “video” evidence is fabricated for propaganda purposes! That’s right, as in fake!

The Islamic State’s conquest of Palmyra appears to have netted the group a trove of weaponry, armor, ammunition and equipment that risks fueling a surge of gains by the militants in Syria at a time when attention has been diverted on the battle unfolding in Aleppo.

The recent militant offensive drove Syrian government troops almost completely from the city on Sunday. The Islamic State-linked news agency Amaq later posted images of Syrian and Russian equipment left behind by the retreating troops. One video shows the remains of a Russian forward operating base that had been established after the city was first retaken in March and was used to help with demining efforts there.

It is unclear how long the Russian base had been abandoned before the Islamic State’s arrival. Footage taken in what appears to be the facility’s mess hall still shows food bowls on tables, and the scenes are spliced together in a fashion that makes it look as if large stores of ammunition, small arms, heavy machine guns and damaged antiaircraft guns were all left behind. One segment that shows ammunition crates and an antiaircraft gun appears to be within the confines of the Russian base, given the landscape in the background.

News clips from May of the Russian base showed a truck-mounted surface-to-air missile system, known as the Pantsir S-1. It is unclear whether the system was left behind or was only there for a short time when the base was under construction.

Following the city’s fall, Amaq claimed that the Islamic State seized upward of 20 tanks, a handful of armored personnel carriers, howitzers and antitank guided missiles. Some of the claims in the video may have been fabricated for propaganda purposes, but given the speed of the offensive, it is likely the group has accumulated some material.

Images posted online Tuesday by the group also depicts fighters seizing what looks like a Syrian fire base to the west of the city. An independent researcher who runs a website that documents the Syrian conflict, puts the base just north of the government-held Tiyas air base. Images taken by the Islamic State show abandoned artillery pieces, machine guns and, in the background of one of the photos, the outline of what looks like an S-125 surface-to-air missile system and its associated targeting and tracking radar.

A U.S. defense official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters, said military officials were tracking the Islamic State’s capture of significant equipment around Palmyra, “which we’re not very happy about.”

As you can see for yourself, this entire story is based on admittedly fake evidence, “ISIS-linked news” and wild claims which no one wants to put their name behind. Of course not! Especially after the recent “fake news” hysteria. This is classic fake news if I’ve ever seen any.

Additionally, notice that above and beyond the non-credible source of this fake news story we’re not even talking about solid confirmed evidence of a S-125 surface to air system being taken by ISIS we’re talking about the “outline” of what “looks like” an S-125 surface-to-air missile!

The fact of the matter is that whatever weapons ISIS has is because someone wanted them to have those weapons. And the West has been caught repeatedly for years supplying and giving aid to ISIS. Let’s see, Russia hates and attacks ISIS. Obama and company in turn hate Russia. Hmm. The Hillary emails show that she had foreknowledge that her friends in Saudi Arabia and Qatar are providing aid to ISIS. We know about the Benghazi ISIS-arming gun-running operation for which Hillary has been grilled by Congress. The list of evidence and allegations against the pro-ISIS Obama administration goes on and on and no one should be surprised to read yet another story that worships and glorifies the ISIS god of the west.

Are you getting a sense for how wildly fake the entire ISIS narrative has been all these years? I’ve been writing about this topic for years and have repeatedly appealed to people’s common sense and sense of reality. Try to notice how ISIS, a US-Israeli-NATO proxy army created, trained and armed by the West really is a major lifeline of the new world order plans. Realize that no boogeyman in the Middle East means no conquering of Syria, Iraq and other nations on their radar like Iran.

By no means is this the first time ISIS has been magically armed with free weaponry. In fact ISIS has now made a habit out of running into free weapons, “accidentally” being supplied with weapons and other supplies and overthrowing massive armies without hardly lifting a finger. Whether it’s the 2014 planned and staged false flag fall of Mosul where ISIS luckily and conveniently took over droves of US weapons after a few hundred fighters broke the will of over 30,000 Iraqi soldiers or whether it was the Spring 2015 takeover of Ramadi where we were told to believe that a laughably perfectly timed and convenient “sand storm” delivered the city of Ramadi to ISIS. This is fictional stuff previously seen only in Hollywood movies that the average American has fallen for.

Given the degree to which the State’s propaganda machinery is willing to carry on about the ISIS threat in order to continue their global domination no one should be surprise to see this next round of lies and truly fake news confirmed by ISIS themselves.

Isn’t it amazing that independent citizens worldwide can research easily available Wikileaks emails of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and read for themselves a pattern of corruption, occult practices and what very much appears to be pedophilia and child trafficking and all of this is considered “fake news” not worth following up on according to mainstream media. But the Washington Post can put together an entire story created by “Islamic State-linked news” and that is considered real news. Really?

This is the Orwellian world the ruling elite now want you to live in. One where the mainstream media and all of its hidden, sketchy and anonymous sources get to tell you what is real and what is true. That all of their “stories” perfectly fit their new world order plans is something you are to ignore and simply shut up about as you obey the new ministry of truth. Yeah right!

If this is not the world you planned on living in then help spread this and do everything you can to further expose the already wildly discredited mainstream media, in this case specifically the fake news and shameless Washington Post.

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