Israel Directly Aids Anti-Syrian Terrorists

Israel Directly Aids Anti-Syrian Terrorists | israel-aids-isis | War Propaganda World News
[image: Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon attends an IDF exercise on May 7, 2015 credit: Diana Hananshvili/Defense Ministry]
One of many Israeli open secrets is its military and other aid to ISIS and likeminded anti-Syrian terrorists.

It’s part of a diabolical plot with Washington to topple its legitimate government, wanting a pro-Western puppet regime replacing it.

In June 2015, former Israeli defense minister Moshe Ya’alon said “(w)e’ve assisted (anti-government terrorist groups in Syria on) two conditions. That they don’t get too close to (Israel’s) border, and…don’t touch the Druze.”

Ya’alon falsely called these fighters “rebels.” All anti-Syrian fighters are terrorists, largely imported from scores of regional and other countries.

Israel provides them with weapons, munitions, other material support, and hospital treatment for its wounded fighters, calling it “humanitarian assistance” – along with airstrikes on Syrian positions.

On June 18, the Wall Street Journal headlined “Israel Gives Secret Aid to Syrian Rebels” – failing to explain it’s going to ISIS, al-Nusra and other anti-government terrorists.

According to the WSJ, aid includes funding, food, fuel and medical supplies, the Journal reporting nothing about weapons and munitions supplied.

Secret Israeli dealings with anti-Syrian terrorists began years earlier to help topple Assad, the joint US/Israeli aim, together with their rogue allies.

According to the Journal, a special military unit was created to oversea the aid operation. Like America, Israel uses terrorist fighters as imperial foot soldiers, further helped by IDF terror-bombing, what the Journal left unexplained.

Israel declined to comment on its report, saying only it’s “committed to securing the borders of Israel and preventing the establishment of terror cells and hostile forces… in addition to providing humanitarian aid to the Syrians living in the area.”

On Monday, Netanyahu lied, saying “(w)e do not interfere in this terribly bloody conflict. We do…provide humanitarian aid to young boys and girls.”

Like America, Israel calls naked aggression “humanitarian intervention” and “democracy building” – anathema notions to both countries.

Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar supply anti-Syrian terrorists with US and Israeli weapons and munitions, smuggled into the country by Ankara’s intelligence agency and military.

Its government denies what it’s been doing all along, besides providing safe areas on its territory for ISIS, al-Nusra and terrorist other fighters.

A Final Comment

According to Fars News, the pilot of Syria’s downed warplane “is held by the predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces.”

They said he’s “likely to be hand(ed) over to” Syria’s military. Negotiations are reportedly underway to secure his release.

The above information hasn’t been officially confirmed. It appears the pilot is alive.

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