Israel Refuses To Ratify The Treaty Banning Chemical Weapons

Israel Refuses To Ratify The Treaty Banning Chemical Weapons | chemical-weapons-375x300 | CIA Government Corruption Special Interests World News

The State that is at the center of almost all conflict in the Middle East and that fancies itself as the victim of such conflict, is now refusing to sign a treaty that would ratify a ban on chemical weapons. The question to that decision is Why? As reported yesterday, a new document originated at the Central Intelligence Agency, now reveals that Israel possesses considerable amounts of chemical weapons. As we pointed out yesterday, those chemical weapons have been used multiple times by the Israeli regime against innocent people in Gaza without any consequence for the Israeli government.

Israel signed the treaty banning chemical weapons back in 1993, but did not ratify it. Apparently, Israel is exceptional case because it has said that as long as other countries in the region possess such weapons, it will reserve the right to keep its own. Now, even Syria is on the way to signing the agreement and handing over its chemical stockpile to be destroyed under the supervision of western nations. “While Israel signed the convention, other countries in the Middle East, including those that have chemical weapons or that have used them recently or in the past, did not immediately do that either and said they would maintain their position even if Israel ratified the convention,” said Israeli Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Ilana Stein.

Some of these states, he said, “do not recognize Israel’s right to exist and blatantly call for its annihilation”, so the chemical threat against Israel , “is neither theoretical nor distant “. In addition to having a large stockpile of chemical weapons, Israel also possesses nuclear weapons, which turns the country into a formidable enemy of the Arab states that surround it. Stein said the threat comes not only from the states of the region, but also from “terrorist organizations acting as their proxies”, a reference to the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah. “These threats can not be ignored by Israel when assessing the possible ratification”.

The Russian proposal for Syria’s chemical disarmament, to avoid a US-led military strike against Damascus, could put on the table again the debate over chemical weapons in the region. The Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Storage and Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction was signed in 1993 and entered into force five years later, becoming part of the 1925 Geneva Protocol on Chemical Weapons.

A total of 189 states have signed the text, and only five have not done so. They are North Korea, Egypt, Syria, Angola, South Sudan and Lebanon. Two other countries have signed but not ratified it: Burma and Israel. In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin recently told the press in his country that Syria’s chemical arsenal exists in response to the Israeli military capabilities .“I do not think they’re going to pressure Israel, because there are other countries in the region that have said they will not sign even if we ratify the convention,” said an Israeli official who asked not to be identified. The debate coincides with the release this week by the international magazine Foreign Policy, of an alleged document from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA ) of 1983 that shows how American spy satellites detected a chemical weapons facility and storage in Dimona in southern Israel.

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