Israeli Aggression Against Syria in the New Year

Israeli Aggression Against Syria in the New Year | israel-golan-heights-syri-1024x683 | World News
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Partnered with the US and NATO, the Netanyahu regime is waging war on Syria without declaring it – naked aggression by any standard.

On Saturday, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) cited a military source, saying “Syrian Air Defenses on Friday night intercepted hostile missiles launched by Israeli warplanes and downed most of them,” adding:

IDF warplanes approached from northern Israel’s Galilee region. Missiles were launched toward targets near the Damascus airport.

“(T)he aggression caused only material damage to one of the ammunition warehouses” in the area. Airport operations weren’t affected, SANA reported.

AMN News said “a military warehouse was heavily damaged…” Government videos confirmed the interception and destruction of eight Israeli air-to-surface missiles.

SouthFront reported that IDF warplanes few “at high speed and low altitude over the southern Lebanese city of Tyre…after completing their mission.”

The overnight incident was Israel’s second act of aggression against Syria since Trump’s December 19 troop pullout announcement – what’s become a delay and stay agenda.

DLT’s geopolitical team overrode him. US forces are in Syria and everywhere else where they’re deployed to stay, not leave.

The Pentagon’s empire of bases operates worldwide, new ones being built in the Middle East and elsewhere. The precise number of US larger and smaller bases is secret.

Around 30 or more are in Syria and Iraq alone, countless others elsewhere in the Middle East, north and other parts of Africa, Afghanistan and elsewhere in Central Asia, the Indo-Pacific region, South and Central America – new locations earmarked for still more bases.

The US operates 95% or more of all foreign military bases worldwide, platforms for waging endless wars of aggression – at a staggering cost in the many tens of billions of dollars just for maintaining and staffing the facilities.

Endless wars against multiple countries cost many trillions of dollars more. Advancing America’s imperium doesn’t come on the cheap, worsened by countless trillions of dollars of waste, fraud and abuse since the 1990s alone.

According to the Pentagon, its bases or other facilities are located in 164 countries – a staggering 85% of world countries.

The Overseas Bases Realignment and Closure Coalition puts their cost at $150 billion annually – enough to provide millions of Americans with vital healthcare and higher education, instead of money earmarked for militarism, warmaking, mass slaughter and destruction.

America’s killing machine rages endlessly, in Syria and elsewhere, other countries on its target list, all sovereign independent ones earmarked for regime change, including Russia, China and Iran.

Chances for eventual global war are ominously high. Western media ignore humanity’s greatest threat – possible nuclear war threatening everyone if launched.

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