“Jade” Military Software, “Helm” What You Need To Know (VIDEOS)

“Jade” Military Software, “Helm” What You Need To Know (VIDEOS) | DAARPA-460x198 | DARPA Military Military Weapons Multimedia

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In the video below, you will learn about even more shocking Jade Helm developments. In truth, a civil war or Martial Law looks like a walk in the park compared to what the New World Order and our government is cooking up. Few science fiction movies had the imagination to pull of this whole fiasco. Even Stephen King would be floored if he knew what was going on.

The first video below goes on to confirm my worst fears that I have posted about numerous times. ALL of the WORST of the WORST are involved as you will see below. DAARPA, the Pentagon, the Pentagon’s Biological Technology Office, and more. Before you watch the first video, remember this:

In the second video below from my post titled: Hard-Core Truth on Jade Helm’s Futuristic Purpose Finally Revealed, BrewingWaves confirms much of what was learned in a previous post of mine titled, CIA and Jade Helm Surround U.S. Veterans’ Homes Thanks to Maps Provided by Bilderberg Head Peter Thiel. In the 2nd video below BrewingWaves goes MUCH further down the rabbit hole than I ever thought possible.

To save some time, “JADE” is a software application the military is now using that allocates manpower and equipment on-the-fly based on prior experience, prior events, and the capability of being able to “predict criminal activity.” It is an artificial intelligence application that learns which tactics and personnel were most successful in different scenarios.  That is the “JADE” part of Jade Helm.

JADE is taking the helm (lead) in this exercise, and according to the information in my previous post, for now the plan is to encompass the most dense pockets of veterans based on location information obtained by Peter Thiel and then turned over to the CIA during Bilderberg.



Ok, I suspect if you made it through both videos, either you need someone to help you put your tongue back in your mouth or you’re already out the door and sprinting down the street. I’ve been screaming from the rooftops the dangers of the ingestible RFID chips that DAARPA, GOOGLE, and the Department of Defense have been working on.

The software that runs Jade is called, “Palantir,” and we know Palantir was funded by the CIA. What we don’t know is whether Bilderberg Chief Peter Thiel asked the CIA to fund and build it for him, or if the CIA funded and built it, and then asked Thiel to run it.

Either way, the CIA’s Frankenstein is being run by the New World Order’s Top Henchman, using YOUR tax dollars, positioning military assets at an alarming rate all over the country, and YOU are the pawn. Sound better than my analogy? Yeah, didn’t think so.

By the way, I thought you might want to know the NSA named the project “SKYNET.” This system moving military pieces around wants it’s subjects (us) to have these chips inside of us.

Science fiction? Hardly. As the First video states, the U.S. Government views the American people as the largest threat to its existance. Why do you think one of the hottest topics at Bilderberg this past year was Implantable RFID chips?

Please recall that the system running JADE HELM  is developed by none other than Bilderberg’s Peter Thiel called, and named “Palantir,” and it is a self-reactive, self-adaptive, self-modeling, program for predicting force deployment. In other words, it can predict conflicts before they happen. Imagine with an RFID chip in you how that gets exponentially easier.



“Jade” Military Software, “Helm” What You Need To Know (VIDEOS) | DAARPA-460x198 | DARPA Military Military Weapons Multimedia

Former US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (L) is briefed by Brad Tousley on the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) ATLAS robot at the Pentagon in Washington in this April 22, 2014 file photo. According to DARPA, Atlas is one of the most advanced humanoid robots ever built, but is essentially a physical shell for the software brains and nerves that the teams will continue to develop and refine.

Programmable microbes? Humans turning into cyborgs? People extending or even living beyond their life spans? These all sound like things you can see in a science-fiction movie, but the US Department of Defense is actually taking steps to turn these things into reality.

Since its foundation in July 2014, the Pentagon’s Biological Technology Office (BTO) has been making giant steps in engineering, information sciences and biotechnology to gain technological advantage, particularly in warfare.

Neurologist Geoffrey Ling, head of this new office, said the Pentagon’s researches are looking at developing technologies that are previously unimaginable, such as robots and aircraft being controlled by the human mind, or human memories being downloaded into hard drives.

“It’s abso-posi-frickin-lutely going to happen. The next 20 years are going to make our heads spin, because we’ve already crossed over into that realm,” Ling said.


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