Jihadelicious? ISIS Shares New Pancake Recipe

Jihadelicious? ISIS Shares New Pancake Recipe | pancakes-460x259 | World News
The recipe was released by an ISIS wing that claims to ‘prepare sisters for the battlefield for jihadists.’ (Shutterstock)

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants have released a new recipe on the internet for pancakes – with the stated intention of “extend[ing] the energy and power of the Mujahideen (fighters).”

The instructions were released by al-Zawra, an ISIS wing claims to “prepare sisters for the battlefield for jihadists” and uses social media to guide wives of ISIS militants in domestic work such as sewing and cooking, medical first aid, Islam, Sharia law and weaponry.

Jihadelicious? ISIS Shares New Pancake Recipe | pancake | World News
A photo from the recipe, showing the finished pancakes ready to be served to a hungry militant.

The recipe – which is accompanied by pictures – includes one egg, a cup of flour, four tablespoons of sugar, one tablespoon of oil, 4 teaspoons of salt and one cup of milk. According to the instructions, the pancakes should be served with honey and are suitable for breakfast and dinner.

The new recipe follows the publication of animated video cartoon earlier this month, containing domestic tips for the wives of ISIS militants, including a recipe for ‘quick and simple’ date balls, are made by mixing dates, flour and butter together.

Source: Al Arabiya News


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