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The World’s Most Hated Corporation won’t be feeling the love at its annual shareholders meeting this year. On Jan. 31, anti-GMO activists will descend on Monsanto’s global headquarters to protest the company’s evil ways. One of those activists, who also happens to be a Monsanto shareholder, will go inside the meeting to present a shareholder resolution asking Monsanto to create a study of “material financial risks or operational impacts” associated with its chemical products and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Please join Occupy Monsanto’s protest of the World’s Most Hated Corporation on Jan. 31. Protestors will gather along Olive Boulevard at noon outside Monsanto’s east campus entrance in Creve Coeur, MO. Please RSVP on Facebook!

Monsanto’s fiscal 2013 first-quarter profit nearly tripled, according to the Wall Street Journal, prompting company officials to project gross profit in 2013 of $7.65 billion. To what do they owe their recent success? Sales of corn seed to South America, and climbing herbicide prices, the company said. In other words, they’re spreading their monopoly far and wide, and charging farmers higher and higher prices for more and more pesticides.

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Read the shareholders resolution

Watch the secretly recorded video of last year’s Annual Shareholder Meeting


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