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Author: David Watt’s, Journey to a Brave New World: The Startling Evidence That Humanity Is Being Manipulated Towards a Very Grim Future—but We Can Change

In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, published in 1932, we are provided with a view into a possible future that shows humanity under total control. It’s a world in which babies are created in the laboratory to fit specific job functions and a small number of savages live in the restricted wild lands. Journey to a Brave New World uses examples of news reports and the real history— not always the version taught in the classroom —to show how we are being managed and manipulated to allow for a total tyrannical takeover and massive depopulation that could lead us to Huxley’s vision.

For over six years, author David Watts has undertaken deep research into the real history of the world and the ways in which it is being manipulated toward a future that only benefits an elite few. He provides many news reports, official documents and quotes from the so called ‘elites’ to piece the puzzle together. He presents a cohesive exploration of what to expect in the future if we don’t become involved in determining our own fate.

Journey to a Brave New World seeks to help everyone to put the pieces together, deprogram, and understand both how we are being manipulated and how we can change direction now.

I wrote the book for a couple of very specific reasons:

1. Many of the books out there today dealing with the ‘Conspiracy’, although very good tend to be 400 plus pages and therefore can put off many people from reading, so I limited my book to about 140 pages. Despite this, I believe I have provided enough detail and evidence to awaken the reader to question further what is really happening.

2. For those who are awake, I wanted to provide them with a ‘tool’ they could use to help awaken others. Something they could give as a gift, asking the receiving party to “read this and let me know your thoughts”.

With that in mind I have created Resistance Packages – packages of books at discounted prices.

The book is a part history, part current affairs book that details how our ruling elite have consolidated power and how they engineer world events to further their agenda, an agenda that would see a massive depopulation of the world if they get their way. It’s designed almost as a beginners guide to the ‘Conspiracy’ – what they are doing, how they are doing it and what their endgame is. I show how humanity is being manipulated towards a vision described in Aldous Huxleys’ 1932 book, Brave New World. With designer babies created in the lab and the people living in cities with only the savages living in the restricted lands and how the 1948 book ‘1984’ describes one of the stepping stones to get us there.

David Watts was born in Brighton, United Kingdom, where he studied for five years to earn a degree in telecommunications engineering. He is a second degree Black Belt in Wado Ryu Karate, a soccer coach  and a  Reiki (healing) practitioner. He has been living in the U.S. for thirteen years and after living in Arizona and Connecticut he settled with his family in Maine. He is now an American citizen with a deep passion to defend the Constitution, our freedoms and to expose the conspiracy. For over six years, David spent thousands of hours researching  the real history of our World, which is not always the history taught in the classrooms. He has studied de-classified government documents, scientific research papers and hundreds of books written by the elites. David handed out hundreds of DVD’s and leaflets (at his own cost), created an informational website,( a regular radio guest on Robert Roselli show and presented to small local groups.  He’s been laughed at, threatened, spat at and also hugged and thanked by a five month pregnant woman for giving hope to her unborn baby. You can find David’s book by going to

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About The Author

Wendy Blanks is an independent researcher, journalist and activist. She is the Founder of TruWire Productions, LLC., and the Owner/Chief Editor for The Sleuth Journal. She has done investigative research in multiple fields and has a passion for sharing true news on various topics such as government corruption, natural health, human rights, globalism and other important issues that plague our society. Thankfully, we live in the age of information and sharing knowledge has become easier than ever. She has a deep desire to expose the truth in propagated information that is spewed from corporate/mainstream media. True journalism has been dead for some time and it is her goal to revive it. The Sleuth Journal streamlines groups of like-minded individuals and organizations to create a massive knowledge base for a ‘conscious awakening’ of what is really going on in today’s oligarchy pyramid that we call ‘society’. So many people are zombies by media, television and other means of mass brainwashing and we need to reverse the effects and give people back their minds, and in return, their power and will to change and challenge the system. Like The Sleuth Journal on Facebook. Follow The Sleuth Journal on Twitter. Join The Sleuth Journal group on Linkedin. Be sure to visit Drone Patrol to view and report drone sightings.

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