Ken Lerer Launches ‘StopTheNRA’ Effort

Ken Lerer Launches 'StopTheNRA' Effort | ken-lerer | Gun Control Mainstream Media News Articles Propaganda US News

Just in case you thought the gun control effort was over, Ken Lerer, the co-founder of Huffington Post and chairman of BuzzFeed, has launched a new campaign to combat the efforts of the National Rifle Association.

The “StopTheNRA” campaign, which Lerer announced at a recent tech gathering, is based at, which will serve as a clearing house for articles and information about the gun lobby. The website will also encourage readers to sign a petition for enhanced gun control legislation.

“The point of StopTheNRA is to post and create viral content and put it all in one place to bring ongoing attention to the outrageous positions of the NRA and to continue to bring pressure on the issues,” Lerer told the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent on Wednesday.

Lerer’s site is the first formal media effort to combat the NRA — meaning, the first with its own name and website. But it comes on the heels of strong advocacy campaigns waged by the likes of CNN’s Piers Morgan and The New York Daily News’s Colin Myler, both of which proved insufficient in bringing about reform.

Read Sargent’s full piece here.

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