Killer Back Pain? Four Techniques To Avoid Surgery

Killer Back Pain? Four Techniques To Avoid Surgery | Killer-Back-Pain-4-Techniques-to-Avoid-Surgery-450x300 | General Health

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According to one report, at least 30 million people have some form of lower back pain. Lower back pain is not only one of the most common reasons for people missing work, but also the leading cause of workplace disability. There are many causes of back pain, such as arthritis, obesity, injuries and even poor posture. However, surgery can be avoided and back pain can be managed by following the four techniques below.

Therapeutic Exercises

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) recommends specific, regular exercises to restore back strength. Physical therapists typically recommend that people with back pain perform particular exercises to strengthen the back area. Some are quite simple, such as standing against a wall and slowly walking the feet out, or more advanced, such as lying on the floor with a yoga ball and strategically raising the arms and legs.

Instead of simply getting surgery, consider consulting with a physical therapist or an occupational specialist to see which exercises can help you reduce pain and regain mobility. Besides this, regular exercise is also beneficial because it raises the body’s pain threshold. However, each person must find the right exercises that result in minimal discomfort and maximum health improvement.


Most people associate yoga with weight loss or meditative poses. However, yoga is very effective in helping a variety of health conditions. For example, yoga reduces the risk factors for developing certain diseases, such as hypertension and heart disease. Yoga helps to alleviate the side effects of pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression. Yoga also helps to reduce stress while improving balance, concentration and fitness. From a medical standpoint, yoga improves muscle and spinal elasticity and flexibility. Yoga also increases blood flow and enhances the immune system.

Keep in mind that muscle tension is the primary source of back pain. Therefore, yoga loosens up the muscles and ligaments while properly aligning and strengthening other parts of the body. As a result, stronger limbs and core will positively affect the weakened back. Overall, yoga cannot cure back pain, but it definitely will reduce pain and minimize the need for surgery.


Certain foods can actually reduce pain and inflammation while increasing your overall health. For example, vegetables and fish rich in Omega 3s are some of the best foods to reduce inflammation. While garlic and onions may cause bad breath, they can do wonders for your back pain. Certain spices, such as basil, turmeric and cinnamon, contain anti-inflammatory agents. Finally, green and white tea are ideal for reducing back pain.

Don’t forget that calcium and Vitamin D contribute to strong bones. In addition to this, certain foods actually can contribute to back pain. For example, an unhealthy diet rich in fatty foods and calories, such as junk food and fast food, will eventually lead to weight gain and possibly painful joints. Meat, gluten, eggs and other dairy products can also contribute to inflammation.

Chiropractic Care

According to the National Library of Medicine, seeing a chiropractor in your particular locale is a way to treat certain health problems, such as back pain. After obtaining your health history and performing tests, such as x-rays and spinal exams, the chiropractor will perform spinal manipulations or adjustments. As a result, the patient will experience pain relief and improved joint, nerve and physical functioning. Licensed chiropractors are trained medical professionals who will be able to permanently cure back pain without invasive surgery or detrimental medications.

Overall, back pain can be reduced and surgery can be avoided through specific exercises, yoga and regular exercise. Be sure to eat healthy and avoid processed foods. Chiropractic care is an excellent treatment for chronic neck and back pain.

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