Known Terrorist Visited Washington

 Known Terrorist Visited Washington | obama-syria-isis | Government Government Corruption

Ahrar al-Sham operates like ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra. The latter two are Security Council designated terrorist groups.

America, Britain and France blocked Ahrah al-Sham’s inclusion, providing the group with direct support along with likeminded regional ones.

On May 21, McClatchy DC headlined senior “Syrian rebel whose group is linked to al Qaida visited US,” saying he was granted permission to come, “raising questions” about the Obama administration’s choice of regional partners – and credibility for letting a known terrorist visit Washington.

Labib al Nahhas calls himself Ahrar al Sham’s foreign affairs director. Apparently he’s a valued US ally. It’s unknown who he met with.

State Department spokesman admiral John Kirby lied claim no US knowledge of his presence in Washington. He tried dismissing well-known Obama administration involvement with and direct support for terrorist groups in Syria, the region and beyond.

“We don’t discuss visa records,” he said. “In general, US officials have engaged with a range of Syrian opposition groups, including Ahrar al Sham…However, we are not going to get into the details of any such discussions.”

Ahrar al Sham is one of the largest and most ruthless terrorist groups in Syria – used along with likeminded ones as US imperial foot soldiers, Washington wanting Assad ousted, Syrian sovereignty destroyed.

The group was involved in numerous terrorist attacks, massacring defenseless civilians – with full US support and encouragement.

According to McClatchy, Nahhas freely travels to Western capitals. Media scoundrels publish his op-eds, claiming his views are moderate. No regional moderate terrorist groups exist.

Washington’s absurd reason for not wanting Ahrar al Sham designated a terrorist organization is “it would do more harm than good on the ground.”

On May 11, Washington, Britain and France blocked a Russian proposal to include Ahrar al-Sham and Jaysh-al-Islam among Security Council terrorist groups.

America and its rogue allies support them in Syria and elsewhere. They undermine peace and stability while claiming otherwise.

They want endless war continued to oust Assad and destroy Syrian sovereign. Russia’s best efforts for diplomatic conflict resolution are unattainable because Washington rejects them.

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