LA Cop Tased Man’s Genitals Until He Smelled Burning Flesh

LA Cop Tased Man's Genitals Until He Smelled Burning Flesh | litter | Civil Rights Tyranny & Police State US News
Sheriff’s deputies allegedly tased a man in the groin ten times over a littering citation

L.A. sheriff’s deputies tasered a young black man’s genitals until he could “smell his flesh burning” after fining his father, who has nerve damage in one hand, $1,000 for dropping a cigarette on the street outside their home, the son claims in court.

Daniel Johnson, 26, claims the unjustified attack took place on Dec. 6, 2012 at around 9 p.m. after sheriff’s deputies “Abdulfattah” and “Russell” cited his 58-year-old father for littering in front of their home.

Johnson claims the cops brutalized him after he asked why his father faced such a steep fine and eight hours of community service, and pointing out that his father had dropped the cigarette because he has nerve damage in one hand.

Johnson, who is 5 foot 7 and weighs 155 lbs., says he did not threaten, resist or raise his voice to the officers.

“Deputy Abdulfattah responded by belligerently threatening Mr. Johnson, telling him that ‘I can write you a ticket too if you want,'” according to the federal lawsuit.

“At this point, plaintiff’s mother, who had also come outside to see what was going on, told him to go back into the house. He was not being given a ticket, and neither of the officers said anything further to him, so Mr. Johnson turned away and began to walk back toward the house. As he walked away from the officers, Deputy Russell grabbed plaintiff from behind and tried to slam him against the police car. When Mr. Johnson asked why he was assaulting him, Deputy Russell maintained his hold on plaintiff and then tried to slam him against a nearby concrete post. Mr. Johnson’s mother and father repeatedly asked the officers to ‘leave him alone’ because ‘he hasn’t done anything wrong.’ The officers refused.”

Russell then put Johnson in a full Nelson, putting him completely under the officer’s control, at Abdulfattah “hit his father in the face with his fist.” Nelson, still holding Johnson in a full Nelson, then “swept Mr. Johnson’s legs out from under him and tackled him to the ground, slamming plaintiff’s left shoulder into the sidewalk,” according to the complaint.

“After Mr. Johnson was tackled by Deputy Russell, Deputy Abdulfattah repeatedly Tased him in the groin area as he lay on the ground,” the complaint states. “He was not moving or resisting in any way when Deputy Abdulfattah began to Tase him. Mr. Johnson could smell his flesh burning from the Tases and he was screaming in pain. Abdulfattah continued to intentionally shoot his Taser at plaintiff’s genitals every couple seconds. Mr. Johnson begged Abdulfattah to stop Tasing him. His mother and father repeatedly asked Abdulfattah to stop Tasing him. Deputy Abdulfattah did not stop.”

Johnson claims Abdulfattah shocked him up to 10 times in the genitals, then arrested him for battery, though he had not battered anyone, or done anything unlawful.

With the pins from the Taser still in his clothes, Johnson says, he was taken to Huntington hospital and jailed at La Crescenta police station.

Johnson claims Abdulfattah has faced multiple complaints of excessive force. He claims that on Dec. 2, 2013, Abdulfattah and another L.A. sheriff’s deputy approached him outside his home and asked why Johnson’s younger brother was visiting the house, according to the lawsuit. Johnson says the deputies’ aggressive actions that night made him “scared for his life.”

He seeks damages for excessive force, false arrest, violations of the Constitution and civil rights, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Johnson is represented by Dan Stormer with Hadsell Stormer Richardson & Renick of Pasadena.




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