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Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein’s son suffered a severe episode of asthma on his first birthday. Conventional treatments failed to reverse his condition and he hit a developmental plateau.

That personal experience led the pediatric neurologist down an investigative path that led her to the conclusion that food was to blame for her son’s illness.

The solution, she discovered, was simple: Heal the food, heal the gut, heal the brain . . . and heal the child.

In her book, “The Dirt Cure,” Shetreat-Klein argues for a dirt-filled chemical-free life. She shares success stories from her practice, and from her experience as a mother. She also provides tips for stocking up on healing foods, deciphering labels and getting even the pickiest of eaters to try a new menu.

Shetreat-Klein’s research and advice isn’t just for kids. Her book explains why so much food today contains arsenic and lead, the real reason milk is pasteurized, and why salmon is no longer the miracle fish.

She even includes recipes for healing “from the inside out.”

Read ‘‘The Dirt Cure:’ Why Human Health Depends on Soil Health

h/t: Organic Consumers Association

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