Let the Children Play: Societal Constraints Reduce Freedom and Produce Suppressed Automotons

Earlier this month a mother in Houston, Texas was aLet the Children Play: Societal Constraints Reduce Freedom and Produce Suppressed Automotons | te-horo-school-MAIN1-300x200 | Government Control News Articles Parental Rights Tyranny & Police State US News rrested Tammy Cooper for “child endangerment” when local police accused her of abandoning her children who were riding scooters in the street at the end of a cul de sac. Cooper explained in her complaint that she “often allows her 6- and 9-year-old children to ride their scooters on the street while she watches from a chair in the driveway or through the large windows on the front of her house.”

A neighbor reported Cooper to the La Porte Police Department, claiming Cooper had “abandoned” her children to play in the street. Cooper, whose husband was stationed out of town due to military service, was arrested in front of her children who were mortified by the experience.

After Cooper was arrested, her children were interrogated by Child Protective Services (CPS) who found no cause for the arrest and had the charges dropped.

A Virginia mother was interrogated multiple times by local police for allowing her children to play in their own yard unsupervised. Again, a neighbor decided to report the mother; which caused unnecessary trauma to the children and mother.

A mother in Portland allowed her child to play in a mud puddle in front of her home and was shocked to see her child surrounded by 3 local policemen who were interrogating the child as to where his parents were and why he was playing outside in the rain. When the mother confronted the police, they advised her not to allow her child to play in a puddle because it could be dangerous. Mortified, the mother questioned why the police was surrounding her small child. The police threatened to arrest her if they caught the child outside playing in the rain again.
Parents who allow their children to play outside, walk to school or the local grocery store are being accused by the Stasi-neighbors who report those parents as being neglectful or abusive. CPS then intervenes in these families’ lives and cause problems that need not occur.

In Britain, more and more parents are becoming so over-bearing that children cannot play in the rain, climb trees or get dirty, according to a study conducted by Stephen Moss at the National Trust (NT).

The NT strongly warns against the increasingly “sedentary” and “sheltered” lives children are forced to live because parents are afraid that their children will be hurt. This leads to poor health, lack of socialization and psychological problems.

Police in Britain are taught to be suspicious of children regularly playing outdoors and encourage them to go inside. This greatly restricts children’s exposure to nature.

Parents fear their child may “catch a cold” or “slip and get hurt” and therefore justify their over-bearing methods of controlling their children’s ability to explore their world. Even older teenagers are forced to play outside under supervision at all times. In lieu of spontaneous playing as was the norm just a few decades ago, children a forced to play during “playdates” and preform at organizations to facilitate socialization.

Freedom in childhood facilitates the ability to be creative later in life. Being innovators, most American children have enjoyed a lifestyle that allowed for discovering new ways of doing things and innovating based on the ideal of non-conformity.

Kyung Hee Kim, professor of education for the College of William and Mary, published a study wherein the measure of creativity (referred to as Torrance tests of Creative Thinking) was collected from school age children between kindergarten through 12th grade and discovered that there has been a massive decline of creativity which Kim explains as the “children have become less emotionally expressive, less energetic, less talkative and verbally expressive, less humorous, less imaginative, less unconventional, less lively and passionate, less perceptive, less apt to connect seemingly irrelevant things, less synthesizing, and less likely to see things from a different angle.”

The Torrance tests were developed by E. Paul Torrance in the 1950’s; a professor of education at the University of Minnesota. The US government wanted to measure the creativity of American children during the post-Sputnik era.

Prior to this study, Torrance worked with the US Air Force which enabled him to envision that creativity is based on an individual’s ability to adapt to unusual situations and conditions.

For the last several decades, society and parents have been suppressing children’s freedom to such an extent that their creative abilities are declining at alarming rates. By constant monitoring, adult-direction, evaluation and pressure to conform, children are unable to navigate their place in society and are unsuccessful because they cannot deal with real world situations without being told what to do.

The public education system has endeavored to perfect the art of subversive conditioning in our children who cannot play, become bored easily, do not find exploration engaging and are psychologically primed to fail. In the hands of over-bearing parents and school teachers, our children are replacing natural freedom with becoming unable to think or decide without outside direction, societal protection, judgmental teachers and parents.

According to the UN Commission on Population and Development Conference, reconditioning of the thought process of the child is an imperative if there is to be a social shift of consciousness toward the acceptance of globalization.

In public schools, this has manifested with the inception of the global classroom which has superseded our education programs focused on teaching about our Constitutional Republic to redirect our children’s attention to the ideals of globalization.

The introduction of the International Baccalaureate Curriculum (IBC) with UN funding became operational in more than 1,000 public schools across America. This anti-American and anti-Christian doctrine is designed to teach American students to focus on “humanism, redistribution of wealth, and very big on pluralism and that all religions are equal.”

The purpose of the IBC is to devise “world schools” beginning in the US and expanding into other industrialized nations. Having been founded in Switzerland, in 1968, this standardized curricula was devised to create global diplomats of all school age children.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) provides funding for IBC under-cover of being a partner. A Continuum of International Education states that education is only worth having to create “citizens of the world” with “universal human values”. These values are based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights as well as the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

Basic educational skills that facilitate independent thought, reasoning and deduction (such as reading, math and science) are being replaced with exploratory problems “concerning the weather, environmental protection, conservation and energy” with a great emphasis on the global perspective, wealth redistribution and the differences between 1st and 3rd world countries.

The UN infiltration of our educational systems refers to pro-US beliefs and values are “American creed” where the capitalist system is confused with corporatism and condemned as an evidence of all that is wrong with the world where American is portrayed as a grossly wealthy nation who benefits from the expense of poorer nations.

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Activist Post: Let the Children Play: Societal Constraints Reduce Freedom and Produce Suppressed Automotons

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