Letter to Anti-Flouridation Leaders

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ben Johansen, Rainer Neuhaus and Andreas Schuld of Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children

(pfpc@istar.ca , pfpccanada@shaw.ca);

Dr. Bruce J. Spittle, Prof. A.K. Susheela, Prof Emeritus AW Burgstahler, Associate Professor Masashi Tsunoda and Professor Dariusz Chlubek of the International Society for Fluoride Research (spittle@es.co.nz, susheela@bol.net.in, awburg@ku.edu, mtsunoda@med.kitasato-u.ac.jp, dchlubek@pam.szczecin.pl, dchlubek@sci.pum.edu.pl);

Dr. Paul Connett, Ellen Connett, Stuart Cooper, Chris Neurath and Tara Blank of the Fluoride Action Network (paul@fluoridealert.org, ellen@fluoridealert.org, stuart@fluoridealert.org, cneurath@americanhealthstudies.org, tara@fluoridealert.org);

Diane Lynne, Amer Al-Mudallal, Bill Evans, Rosezella Canty-Letsome, Alfonso Blanco, Arthur Chiu, Barbara Perish Karn, Diane Rains and Freshteh Toghrol of EPA Union, Chapter 280, (lynne.diane@epa.gov, Al-Mudallal.Amer@epa.gov, evans.bill@epa.gov, Canty-Letsome.Rosezella@epa.gov, Blanco.Alfonso@epa.gov, Chiu.Arthur@epa.gov, Karn.Barbara@epa.gov, Rains.Diane@epa.gov, Toghrol.Freshteh@epa.gov);

Dr. Bill Osmunson, James Robert Deal, Audrey Adams, Linda Martin and Ali Larkin of Washington Action for Safe Water (Bill@WashingtonSafeWater.com, James@WashingtonSafeWater.com, Audrey@WashingtonSafeWater.com, Linda@WashingtonSafeWater.com, Alli@WashingtonSafeWater.com);

Dr. Rudolf Ziegelbecker of the Forum für Verantwortbare Anwendung der Wissenschaft (ziegelbecker.sen@utanet.at);

Professor James Beck and Professor Spedding Micklem, authors of “The Case Against Fluoride” (beck@ucalgary.ca, H.Micklem@ed.ac.uk);

Dr. Hardy Limeback, author of “Why I am now Officially Opposed to Water Fluoridation” (hardy.limeback@utoronto.ca);

Members of the Health Action Network Society (HANS) of Canada (hans@hans.org);

Members of the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF) (NYSCOF@aol.com);

Members of the UK Council Against Water Fluoridation (info@ukcaf.org);

Dr. John Ryan and members of Professionals Against Water Fluoridation (PAWF) of Australia (national_office@socialist-alliance.org, Sydney@greenleaf.org.au)

In one way or another you have been part of the anti-fluoridation struggle for many years and have come to represent the backbone of the resistance to the deliberate chemical poisoning of the masses by our governments.

While you have done an excellent job raising awareness about the ill-effects of fluoridation on our health you have not disclosed the true reason and the hidden objectives of the global fluoridation policy. You may or may not have known that fluoridation is pursued by governments throughout the world for one and one reason only, population control, due to fluoride’s effectiveness in lowering fertility and inducing a state of passive indifference.

No one can plead ignorance anymore on this count due to my book:

Water, Salt, Milk: Killing Our Unborn Children“, which spells out in no uncertain terms the demographic, statistical, medical, legal and industrial evidence that fluoridation is a substitute for war and has been employed first by the US, the Soviet Union and the UK in the aftermath of World War II on the countries that have lost the war, Japan being the first to be subjected to mass fluoridation by the US. You have all received a copy of my book along with the request that you distribute it widely and post it on your websites.

Since fluoridation has been the backbone of the post-war order and the primary means by which to keep the peace and avoid conflict that would lead to nuclear confrontation and mutual annihilation, no amount of public resistance has dissuaded the authorities to abandon fluoridation, be it water, salt or, to a lesser extent, milk. Despite your best efforts fluoridation has grown by leaps and bounds both in countries that have used water fluoridation and in countries that have opted for salt fluoridation; so much so that there is hardly a place on earth where people are not subjected to systemic fluoridation at low level and sub-lethal doses designed to imperceptibly undermine our ability to procreate and our ability to think and act in our own defense.

It should be perfectly clear by now that the peaceful methods you have used to try to protect us from chemical poisoning by our own elected officials have not worked and that the time has come to defend our lives and the lives of our children by any means necessary. This is not a struggle we can win by pleading for mercy and understanding to the very people and authorities that are murdering our children in cold blood. Our governments are engaging in genocide and the only way to avoid worldwide armed struggle is the threat thereof.

This is the time to speak up as one if we are to stop them from killing us slowly. In the absence of our unanimous outcry violence will be the only alternative we will be left with especially since our governments have entered a second and more aggressive phase of depopulation by infertility- and morbidity-causing genetically modified organisms and systemic pesticides designed to attack our children’s reproductive organs and neurological system during the crucial developmental stages of life.

The masses however are still oblivious of the murderous world order that has scheduled the majority of mankind for extermination. This is a reality too brutal to comprehend and too demonic to believe. It is easier to discount the messenger as insane then it is to accept as being the reality of the day and having to deal with it. Moreover, a global system of censorship stifles any attempts to inform humanity of the lethal threat it is under, which is why my book is taken down as soon as it is posted on the Internet. This in itself is evidence of its veracity.

I have taken the first and most difficult step, disclosing the truth, and will undoubtedly pay for it with my life. Be that as it may, I will gladly give my life if it will save my children’s lives and the lives of my fellow human beings. It is time that you follow my lead and inform the public of the lethal danger it is under by posting my book online on your websites and by reinforcing its conclusions with your own verdicts and reputations so that the incredulous and the ignorant will muster the courage to believe the unbelievable and will have the information they need to organize if they are to save their and their children’s lives.

This is the time to act and to show courage and determination. Regardless how powerful the players behind the global regime who dare to poison us and our children they cannot put us all in prison and they can certainly not withstand a concerted attack by the 7 billion who are our brothers and sisters. Moreover, by their crimes and treachery they have lost the right to govern and have earned only the right to spend the rest of their lives behind bars for the atrocities they have committed against us for the past 60 years.

I therefore urge you to take a leap of faith and think first and foremost of your own children and not of your own interests and lives. This is a defining moment in human history and it is up to us to show the way. Please speak up now and do so loud and clear. It is better to die fighting then it is to be poisoned like rats in our own homes.



Kevin Mugur Galalae is a human rights activist and political exile who has renounced both his Canadian and Romanian citizenships and chosen statelessness in protest against the trampling of our rights and liberties in the name of counter-terrorism and radicalization.  He has launched legal action against the governments of Canada and the UK at the European Court of Human Rights for violating academic freedom and free speech in universities and has exposed a covert program of surveillance and censorship in the UK and the EU that was adopted to stifle democratic debate, manufacture consent and man the ranks of governments, international organizations and civil society with sycophants, moral degenerates and social deviants.  In retaliation, the governments of Canada and the UK have arrested Kevin five times, have confiscated his intellectual and physical property and have forcibly separated him from his children, forcing him to flee Canada in order to save his life and freedom.  Most recently, Kevin has exposed the pivotal component of the New World Order, the depopulation agenda and the chemical and biological means by which governments are waging low-intensity sub-lethal warfare on their people in order to fulfill demographic objectives that favour the elites and damn the rest of mankind to intellectual and physical degradation and ultimately to genetic extinction.  Kevin has founded the People’s Protection Court and the People’s Protection Force and has drafted the OM Principles in order to provide the instruments and ethos necessary to bring down the New World Order, reinstate the rule of law, and enable the 99% to gain control of their lives and destinies.  He is the author of the book “Water, Salt, Milk: Killing Our Unborn Children” and of numerous articles published by Cryptome, Wikispooks, The Oslo Times and other media outlets.

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