Letting It Happen: JFK’s Murder, 9/11 and the False Flag Playbook

Letting It Happen: JFK's Murder, 9/11 and the False Flag Playbook | false-flag-1024x645 | 911 Truth False Flags Government Government Corruption Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

By George Cassidy Payne | 

All it takes to carry out plots such as the JFK assassination and September 11, is for the authorities tasked with defense to orchestrate a way to let down their guard without being exposed for criminal negligence.

Look at how John F. Kennedy was killed. Everything about the president’s motorcade that afternoon in Dallas was wrong. For starters, the windows in the president’s limo were down. That goes against all common sense given where the president was and how many threats existed against him.

There were also open windows in the office buildings along the route. A basic rule in Secret Service procedure is no open windows. But it appears that at least one open window existed that day because shots were fired from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

Videos and photographs from onlookers show numerous windows open in several others, including the Dal Tex Building, which may have harbored additional shooters.

Inexplicably, there were no Secret Service agents walking, running, or driving beside the president’s limo. How could that happen if someone did not see to it that officers were ordered to step down in the line of duty? How could Kennedy have been left so vulnerable? Why were the servicemen riding behind him and in front of him, when the only place they should have been is in the direct line of fire? Their only job was to protect him and they failed in an astonishingly pathetic way.

To make matters worse, Dallas officials publicized the route before the president’s arrival. Kennedy’s upcoming trip to Dallas was first announced to the public in September 1963. The exact motorcade route was finalized on November 18 and announced to the public a few days before November 22. On the day of the parade, the limo itself was directed to take a wide left turn on Elm Street, slowed to less than 15 mph (when it should have been going at least 45 mph), and ultimately came to a complete stop near the infamous Grassy Knoll. This sequence of events created a kill zone that made the president a sitting duck.

Also conspicuous is that no assailant was caught at the scene of the crime. Oswald supposedly had enough time to race down four flights of stairs and grab a Coke before encountering a Dallas police officer in the lunchroom. The officer questioned him and then let him go out the front of the building. According to the Warren Commission, after Oswald left the depository, he walked seven blocks before getting on a bus.

When the bus got stuck in traffic, Oswald walked to a nearby bus station, hailed a taxi, took it several blocks past his rooming house, and then hiked back to the rooming house. He arrived at his rooming house around 1:00 pm (30 min after Kennedy was shot). According to his housekeeper, Oswald left within 5 minutes and went outside by the bus stop. At 1:15 pm, Oswald purportedly shot and killed officer J.D.

Tippit. After killing Tippit, Oswald was seen traveling on foot toward the Texas Theater. About 1:35 pm, a manager of a Hardy’s Shoe Store noticed him and called the authorities. He was arrested soon thereafter by some of the most prepared and punctual police officers conceivable.

Where was the Secret Service in all of this? They had basically melted away as a defense shield for the president and had all but vanished as a pursuer of his killers after his death.

Furthermore, it is not gossip to point out that the Secret Service, the night before the assassination, apparently got blitzed till 4:00 am in a nightclub. Eyewitnesses claim that several of them were drinking Everclear, which is close to pure alcohol. The Secret Service later testified that this outing did not compromise their performance, but there is a reason why drinking during a presidential detail is against the law. Their lethargy was painfully evident when they allowed the First Lady to almost exit the vehicle after the shots were fired. Jackie Kennedy scrambled to the back of the limo to grab a piece of her husband’s skull and almost fell out of the moving car entirely. If the Secret Service were doing their job, she would have been pinned to the floor of the limo and protected from gunfire immediately. Undeniably, that was one glaring mistake that would not have been made by an elite unit of bodyguards.

And where was the surveillance intelligence leading up to the parade?

Oswald was recognized as a potential assailant by multiple agencies both inside and outside of Dallas. In fact, it has been discovered that actual warnings were sent to the FBI by Oswald (or an Oswald imposter) stating that he wanted to kill Kennedy. How could a blatant Communist sympathizer such as Lee Harvey Oswald, if he were the lone assassin, be able to get within 1,000 feet of the man he had proclaimed was his target just weeks before?

These questions are worth asking. In High Treason, authors Robert Groden and Harrison E. Livingston include a quote by JFK assassination researcher, Col. Fletcher Prouty, who said, “This is the greatest single clue to the assassination. Who had the power to call off or drastically reduce the usual security precautions that always are in effect whenever a President travels?…the power source that arranged that murder was on the inside…They have the means to reduce normal security and permit the choice of a hazardous route. It also had had the continuing power to cover up that crime.”

Turning now to September 11, it appears that the same playbook was used during the “terrorist” attacks as was employed during the JFK murder. In both cases the conspirators merely let down their guard to allow an attack to occur under their watch.

Where was the air force? Is it not the best in the world? Where were our top gun pilots? Where were our state of the art fighter jets and super advanced radar systems? How could we allow our airspace to be invaded on such a catastrophic level? For Christ’s sake, the Pentagon was hit. This is one of the most well defended fortresses in the history of nations.

Yet the world was told that the shield of protection around it simply faltered. Why were there no scrambled aircraft to intercept that out of control 747 before it reached the walls of our Bastille? Dazed and confused war games is not a legitimate answer.

And how could there be no video footage of this mammoth airliner crashing into the Pentagon? Is not the modern Pentagon complex one of the most photographed areas imaginable? There must have been thousands of cameras pinpointed on that building; yet to this date, there has never been an unambiguous tape of a plane hitting the Pentagon- not a single frame. (We do know that at least 80 cameras in and around the site were confiscated by the FBI, never to be seen again.)

Before he died, author Gore Vidal, a courageous 9/11 skeptic, wrote, ‘astonished military experts cannot fathom why the government’s “automatic standard order of procedure in the event of a hijacking” was not followed’.  These procedures, said Vidal, determine that fighter planes should automatically be sent aloft as soon as a plane has deviated from its flight plan. Presidential authority is not required until a plane is to be shot down. But, on September 11, no decision to start launching planes was taken until 9.40 am, eighty minutes after air controllers first knew that Flight 11 had been hijacked and fifty minutes after the first plane had struck the North Tower.

‘By law, the fighters should have been up at around 8.15 am. If they had, all the hijacked planes might have been diverted and shot down.’

Along with freethinkers such as Col. Prouty and Gore Vidal, the question many of us want an answer to remains as relevant as ever: What power can design a defense collapse on this magnitude of complexity?

George Cassidy Payne is a freelance writer, domestic violence counselor and SUNY adjunct professor of philosophy. He writes frequently for a wide variety of national and international publications.

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