Life Thieves: Billions of People Lose their Most Precious Resource: TIME

Life Thieves: Billions of People Lose their Most Precious Resource: TIME | cell-phone-social-media-internet | Special Interests US News World News

(The Real Agenda News) What is happening to time? It is being stolen from us.

Time poverty is affecting us all. It does not matter where you are: in the United States, Japan, France or Spain. It does not matter what you do for a living.

In the list of rights for which we must fight, we must include the right to free time because we are being robbed of it and in the process, we are being burned out and overworked.

This is not only a philosophical reflection but a realistic one.

There are many time thieves in the strategies of companies, in social networks and in our daily life and most people do not even know they exist.

At airports, bus stations, public offices, hospitals… everywhere.

The consumer becomes more and more a partial worker, though he must dedicate free hours of his time to what companies did before. The result of this change is the destruction of millions of jobs.

In their business plans, corporations already have this “free” investment from users. Time is a limited resource that many want to monetize even more.

Industrialization pushed the great change in the conception of time, which went from being governed by the natural cycles of the agricultural world to the control of production processes in the factories governed by the clock.

The equation opened power, money and time, a time that was slowly but surely stolen from people.

People live at a personal fault the fact of not doing anything during their free time.

In cities you walk and talk faster. It seems that you have to leave home with a goal, that every minute is essential to avoid missing the bus, to arrive earlier, to be on time, to meet inhumane deadlines and so on.

Acceleration, he explains, impacts the quality of life of society, no one stops to help anyone. There is no quality or availability of personal time. Without it nobody can be involved in collective projects.

Internet and social networks move the imaginary of a world in which all experiences are possible, that something soon, will appear on the screens. We ourselves become thieves of our time and the first step to recover it is to become aware of it.

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