Living In California: Tips For The Residential Lifestyle

Living In California: Tips For The Residential Lifestyle | california | News And Opinions

Live Where You Want To

California is a favorite destination of many people for many reasons, not least of which the fine living options which spackle the state from top to bottom. Whether you’re among the towering redwoods of the far north, the rolling hills of the state’s eastern quarters, or the megalopolis that is the southland, you can find some excellent living solutions.

If you haven’t yet acquired a home, your first step is going to decide what kind of living situation you’re most interested in. With California, you’ve basically got all the options. You could live on a yacht moored at a harbor, you could live in an RV and travel the state at your leisure, you could buy a fine home in a neighborhood you like, or you could get an apartment.

If you’ve ever considered living in downtown LA, you might check out; according to the site, their residences offer: “…front row seats to the vibrant transformation of Downtown Los Angeles. Surrounded by world-class entertainment, museums, galleries, and restaurants, residents can enjoy a vast array of cultural destinations…”

Laid Back Northridge

Of course, not everyone is interested in Downtown Los Angeles, but there are other options worth considering—you’ve got Ventura, Venice Beach, Long Beach, Orange County, Santa Monica, the vast inland empire to the east, or Northridge. There’s a lot to recommend Northridge: traffic is more reasonable, living is less expensive, and it’s near everything without being smack-dab in the middle.

If you’re considering living in Northridge CA, has properties that allow you to: “Experience what vibrant and beautiful living looks like. Alder is a collection of brand new Northridge apartment homes adorned with modern interiors, designer-selected finishes and signature style.”

Residential Accoutrements

But finding your perfect home is only half the battle. Once you’ve done that, your next step is going to be giving that property—apartment, residential, or otherwise—the perfect touch. You want to express yourself. You want to be comfortable. And you want to increase property value if at all possible. Consider adding lanterns to the front entryway, as a for-instance.

For the kind of Post & Column Mount Lanterns that give your home that idiosyncratic flair which is unique to you, you might check out; according to the site, they provide: “…lights [that are] made to order and are shipped within 6 to 8 weeks.”  You can ensure you get what you want, how you want it; and quickly!

Preferential Alterations

You might also look into changing the interior of a home or apartment to suit your needs, depending on whether or not you actually own it. Sometimes you can knock out a wall or put one in. Sometimes you can add a larger window or have one covered over. With many apartment situations, this isn’t possible; but with residential living in a home, you’ve usually got more options. Also, exercising them could expand property value.

The key to successful, enjoyable residential living is to make yourself as comfortable as you can in a reasonable way. A good way to do that is through the addition of plants in your home. Green things make the air cleaner, they look good, they smell good if you take proper care of them, and they totally revitalize a space.

Paintings are often a better choice than posters, and if neither of those options strike your fancy, you might try a minimalist approach. Going the minimal route has a level of comfort to it that can be amenable, and is also easy to manage. But ultimately, whatever you decide will depend on what you like.


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