Undercover Footage: Massive Voting Fraud Confession From NYC Democratic Commissioner (VIDEO)

Undercover Footage: Massive Voting Fraud Confession From NYC Democratic Commissioner (VIDEO) | voter-fraud | Government Corruption Multimedia Politics Sleuth Journal Special Interests

According to Democratic Commissioner, the Mayor Bill Di Blasio has been seen handing out ID cards to unvetted people as part of the fraud.

(The Real Agenda News) I am sure you all have heard about dead people who “show up to vote” or absentee ballots that are used to commit voting fraud.

It is no surprise then to hear that candidates are busing voters around from poll station to poll station so they can vote multiple types in an effort to get more support for a certain candidate.

This scenario is as real as it gets in New York and the revelations that people are being taken from place to place to vote in multiple occasions comes from “the horse’s mouth”. It is far from being a conspiracy theory. It is a fact.

In a video posted on Youtube by Project Veritas, Alan Schulkin, the Democratic Commissioner of the Board of Elections in New York City confesses to a reporter that people are voting more than once and that such a fraud is common practice.

When asked why people are allowed to vote multiple times, Schulkin says that people at the polls aren’t allowed to ask for identification, so people may give any name they want and vote as many times as they want in different polling stations.

According to current New York law, it is not permitted to ask a voter for any form of identification. Therefore, poll workers need to take a voter’s word at face value and allow them to vote.

“There are thousands of absentee ballots, and I don’t know where they came from,” said Schulkin during the recording.

The Democratic Party generally rejects any initiative to pass a law that would make it legal to ask for an identification form from voters before they can enter the voting booth.

New York, a state usually controlled by Democrats is one example of how voter fraud is perpetrated given the lack of proper protections.

According to Schulkin New York City Mayor Bill Di Blasio handed out ID cards to people without vetting their origin of status in the country.

It is well-known that one of the pillars of the current campaign led by the Democratic Party is to bring in millions of illegal immigrants who can then vote for Democrats all over the country, and in doing so, candidates can perpetuate their positions in local, State and Federal government.

“Anyone can go in there and say, I’m Joe Smith and I want an ID card,” explained Schulkin. “It’s absurd. There is a lot of fraud. Not just voting fraud. All kinds of fraud.”

Mainstream media outlets have done zero reporting on voting fraud such as the one denounced by Alan Schulkin.

In fact, no one but reporters from outlets like Project Veritas has revealed so much proof of fraud being committed against the American people and the voting process in the United States.

Despite the massive fraud being uncovered and reported by Schulkin, when asked about the possibility of not voting for Hillary, he responded that he would prefer not to vote for Clinton, but he had no other choice.

It is not clear if he means that in his opinion Trump is a worse candidate than Clinton, if he has pledged his vote to Clinton or if he is being pressured to vote for her in the general election.

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