MD Cops Assault Man For Filming And Say “You Have No Freedom Of Speech” (VIDEO)

A man filming an arrest outside of a bar was assaulted by police and told that he has no freedom of speech

MD Cops Assault Man For Filming And Say “You Have No Freedom Of Speech” (VIDEO) | towson-cops-1560x690_c-460x203 | Civil Rights Free Speech Tyranny & Police State US News

In Towson, Maryland, a college town with very little crime, police were recorded assaulting multiple people for seemingly no reason.

The video does start after the altercation began, so it is hard to say exactly what happened, however, the video was apparently taken just after the bars let out, so it is highly possible that those who were being harassed by police were simply joking around with friends and not moving to their cars fast enough.

In this newly posted video, police are seen threatening a man for videotaping, assaulting him physically, threatening him with arrest, demanding he leave, then demand he show them “respect.”

The man can be heard saying, “I though I had freedom of speech here?”

“You don’t,” the cop tells him.

It is perfectly legal to film police in the state of Maryland.

Last year, journalist Mannie Garcia was arrested for filming police as they detained two men in Maryland.  Garcia was charged with disorderly conduct, but the Justice Department has confirmed that he was within his rights to film the cops.

John Vibes is an investigative journalist, staff writer and editor for Intellihub News where this article originally appeared. He is also the author of an 87 chapter e-book entitled “Alchemy of this Modern Renaissance” and is an artist with an established record label. You can find him on his Facebook.

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