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What resulted from the two hush-hush meetings between GMO labeling advocates and the industries (biotech and Big Food) that are desperate to keep the words “produced with genetic engineering” off of food labels?

No compromise.

Which food companies attended the meeting to argue against your right to know? According to PoliticoPro, stepping up to the plate for Big Food were: J.P. Bilbrey, chairman and CEO of the Hershey Company and chairman of Grocery Manufacturers Association’s (GMA) board of directors; and Paul Grimwood, president and CEO of Nestle USA.

Maybe it’s time to resurrect our Hershey and Nestle boycotts?

Also representing Corporate America were Randy Russell, president of the Russell Group, which represents the GMA; Charles Conner, president and CEO of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives; and Steve Censky, CEO of the American Soybean Association.

What’s next, now that the two sides have reached a stalemate? Assuming the courts hold up Vermont’s GMO labeling law, set to take effect July 1, Monsanto and friends will likely try to introduce a Senate bill, similar to the DARK Act (HR 1599), which would preempt Vermont’s mandatory labeling law.

Meanwhile, a number of states are pushing forward with their own GMO labeling laws. Here’s a quick rundown of the states that have GMO labeling bills in play right now. If you live in one of these states, please contact your state lawmakers and ask them to support mandatory labeling of GMOs:

Alaska, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island.

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