Military Plans Counter-Coup for Trump (VIDEO)

Military Plans Counter-Coup for Trump (VIDEO) | Military-Logos-1024x682 | Conspiracy Corner Military Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests Trump US News

The Washington D.C. political “Establishment” really hates Donald Trump. The question is why? The answer is simple. He is a powerful outsider who intends to “Clean House” of establishment corruption on Day One of his presidency. This is precisely why the disreputably entrenched power-elite fear Trump so much. As such, we need to keep in mind that these dug in government criminals will uses every means necessary at their disposal to not get uprooted and maintain their positions of malfeasance.

When Hillary Clinton was arrogantly overconfident that she would easily win the presidential election, she challenged Donald Trump to promise to peacefully accept the Electoral College results, as she boldly proclaimed she would. CNN, whose own Chris Cuomo admitted on the air that the network had done everything in its power to help Hillary Clinton get elected, said in October that the accusation that Trump made that the election could be “hacked” in Clinton’s favor was “ludicrous”.

Military Plans Counter-Coup for Trump (VIDEO) | CNN-No-Hacking-300x80 | Conspiracy Corner Military Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests Trump US News

After Trump’s unforeseen victory, it is Hillary Clinton who now recants her pledge to peaceably accept the election results and it is CNN who flip-flops on the notion of election hacking.

Military Plans Counter-Coup for Trump (VIDEO) | CNN-Yes-hacking-300x89 | Conspiracy Corner Military Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests Trump US News

This would be comical if it weren’t so sincere.

Who is the “Boogieman” who helped Trump win? You guessed it. The “Russians”. The source? The reputable CIA.

Here is a quote from Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and “Watergate” reporter Carl Bernstein . . .

“More than 400 ‘journalists’ (that we know of) have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), according to documents on file at CIA headquarters. In many instances, CIA documents show that ‘journalists’ were contracted to perform covert missions for the CIA with the consent of the managers of America’s leading ‘news’ organizations. Among the executives (that we know of) who lent their cooperation to the CIA, were the heads of Time Magazine, Newsweek, the New York Times, ABC, NBS, CBS, United Press International (UPI), and Reuters.”

As the CIA’s own records indicate, they are the ones who have, for decades, been responsible for not only lying to the public through the television “news”, they are actually the ones who have overthrown at least 57 country’s democratically (or otherwise) elected presidents, so why not this one? Remember, our Founding Fathers warned us of two enemies of freedom: Foreign and Domestic. We seem to always forget the latter with such CIA media misdirection of endless foreign boogieman paraded before us on television as scapegoats in order to divert attention from their own criminality and treason. Is it just a coincidence that president Kennedy was assassinated so neatly just days after ordering a major “House Cleaning” of the CIA, of whom lies, such as now, are their native language?

Wasn’t it the “reputable” CIA who said that American sailors were attacked by the Vietnamese to instigate the unpopular Vietnam War, only to acknowledge decades later that the attack was entirely staged by the CIA in order to garner public support for the war? Wasn’t it the “trustworthy” CIA who instigated the Iraq War as well, which lasted three times longer than World War Two, alleging “concrete proof” of weapons of mass destruction, which ended up being entirely fabricated? Is this who we are supposed to trust now, the same CIA who is so violently opposed to the man Trump just appointed over them, Mike Pompeo, to overhaul the integrity of the agency?

How did the alleged Russians supposedly “unfairly” influence the election in Trump’s favor? By giving “Wikileaks” TRUTHFUL information about Hillary Clinton’s corruption. Thusly, what Trump’s critics are actually saying, is that how dare THE TRUTH sway the election!

If there is an active secret pedophile in a neighborhood full of children, should you really care from where the information of such crimes comes??? Of course not! In the same way, if a corrupt politician, who is about to lay hold of the USA presidency, is secretly an habitual liar who underhandedly cheated her competitor out of their party’s nomination revealing their utter moral depravity, shouldn’t the public have a right to know in advance of voting for them?

Below you can see just how criminally rigged the Democratic Party system was for Hillary Clinton. In state after state where Bernie Sanders won the vote by a wide margin, Sanders nevertheless received fewer delegates. Is that honest? Why was this not responded to with FBI arrests? In Wyoming, for example, Sanders received 10% more votes than Clinton, yet Clinton received 80% more delegates! Even Democratically supportive television journalists were aghast at this blatant criminal behavior and said so on the air to no avail.

 Military Plans Counter-Coup for Trump (VIDEO) | Sanders-Wins-300x125 | Conspiracy Corner Military Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests Trump US News

Military Plans Counter-Coup for Trump (VIDEO) | Sanders-Loses-300x117 | Conspiracy Corner Military Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests Trump US News

Former United Kingdom ambassador Craig Murray just acknowledged publicly that the hacking of the Democratic Party’s secretive emails which exposed their rampant corruption and deceit was NOT done by the “Russians”, rather by a disgruntled Democratic Party employee who favored Sanders. The Wikileaks founder even insinuated who it was, Seth Rich, who “coincidentally” ended up murdered shortly thereafter. Not a SINGLE mainstream media outlet (because they are controlled by the CIA propagating the opposite lie) reported this important and highly relevant disclosure from ambassador Murray!

All of this CIA propaganda through their co-opted media is centered around their “Hail-Mary” desperate eleventh hour attempt to sway at least 37 Republican electors to vote for Hillary Clinton on December 19th. After this, January 6th is when the House of Representatives “verifies” the electoral vote, which is their second to the last ditch effort. Finally, January 19th, is the last day the outgoing president can do anything about Trump’s inaugural, scheduled for the following day.

The CIA’s nemesis, the FBI, who is more responsible for tanking Hillary Clinton’s campaign than the Russians, as scores of disgruntled agents threatened resignation if their director did not prosecute Clinton as she deserved, rejects the idea of Russian involvement in the election, calling the notion “Fuzzy” and “Ambiguous”. The belated cry being made by the losing Elitists is that Trump is “unfit” to be president, even though running multi-billion dollar enterprises may make him the most qualified president of all time, forgetting themselves that just because you were once married to a president doesn’t qualify you to be one.

The idea that Trump is a racist simply because he asked for proof that a political opponent (who happened to be black) was eligible to run based on his origin of birth, is not supported by the fact that Trump asked the very same thing of political opponent Ted Cruz who was white and proved to be born in Canada. This would mean that if you search for facts, from a person who happens to be black, then you are a racist.  Many forget that if Hillary’s own Democratic Party wasn’t so supportive of “Planned Parenthood” over the last one hundred years, which the Republicans are against, an organization which terminates the pregnancies of African Americans Five Times more often than that of Caucasians, which is the very reason why the racist agency was created in the first place, then African Americans would now be the majority of the American population!  It is actually the Democrats who are opposed to this demographic reality of blacks in the majority, though they slyly pander to blacks for their votes anyway, unbeknownst for their actual undoing. Who then is really the racist, Democrats or Republicans, the latter of whom freed the American slaves under Lincoln?  (Probably both, as Republicans only have about 1% of their members African American.)

When well-known black Democrats, such as TV host Larry Wilmore, publicly acknowledged that the only reason they voted for Barack Obama was because he was black, and yet they are not called racists or lose their jobs because of such public racial bias, which would definitely befall a white colleague who said the same for Romney, you can see that a double standard of “racism” is in existence. Did the KKK protest outside the White House when Obama was elected twice? No. Did the KKK beat up Obama supporters? No. Those who biasedly call Trump or his supporters “racist” without proof are acting more violently against their opposition than the KKK did when Obama won, proving that it is they who are the racists and fanatics.

The simple fact remains that the Democrats lost because Hillary Clinton is corrupt, and enough Americans recognized this fact for it to make a difference, especially their own Sanders supporters who voted for Trump because of this. Clinton supporters are simply mad because a disgruntled Sanders supporter within their own party released proof of her criminality. To blame the Russians for it or to say that Trump is a racist because he challenged a black political opponent with the same vigor as a white political opponent, in a lame attempt to sway public opinion against him, is simply juvenile and futile.

Sources have told me that this desperate attempt by the corrupt Washington D.C. Political “Establishment” to cheat in the election after the fact, would be met by ardent military support on the side of Trump.

Military Plans Counter-Coup for Trump (VIDEO) | Electorial-Map-300x179 | Conspiracy Corner Military Multimedia Sleuth Journal Special Interests Trump US News

The truth is 2,623 United States counties voted for Trump and only 489 counties voted for Clinton. This is an 84% difference. This is why the Founding Fathers drafted the Electoral College, so that a few geographic locations could not dictate their demands to the vast majority of locations elsewhere. A mere 2% discrepancy in the popular vote for Clinton is not worthy of a coup compared to the geographical difference of 84% toward Trump. These are the rules of the game. It is highly unscrupulous to attempt to change the rules of the game after agreeing to play by them and losing, revealing again the consistently unconscionable character of Clinton.

Hillary Clinton repeatedly won more electoral delegates than Bernie Sanders, even though she repeatedly lost the vote to him by a wide margin, specifically because Clinton and the “Elites” rigged the system that way so that an outsider would have little chance of winning. Now she wants to rig the national election after the fact like a sore loser. Get some dignity please, and be warned by this author that the military core of the armed forces have personally advised me that such shenanigans will be cut off at the pass by swift constitutionally devout Generals.

Let it be known that as an “Independent”, I have voted both “Democratic” and “Republican” in the past, hoping that an “outsider” might make a difference, only to be dramatically disappointed both times. I no longer vote due to the lack of Christianity in both political parties, yet pray for whichever leader is elected to do what is right. If I had voted in the last election, and it was Trump vs Sanders, I would have flipped a coin, satisfied either way to have a “non-establishment” candidate have a turn for a change.  I only submit the above commentary to demonstrate the duplicity in this most recent post-election cycle.  The political party names or distinctions of the criminals involved, change every four to eight years, thereby voting on “party-lines”, rather than on the merits of the individual, is explicitly dangerous.

The fact is, we really don’t know the people we vote for or what their future decisions will be, so why risk being a party to their possible corruption and genocide?  Voting for someone we do not know personally, is like giving a stranger a loaded gun.  Better to not get involved, or we are partially liable for their potential future criminality.

 I will discuss all this, and much more, in this week’s episode of Conspiracy Corner News.

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