Military “Suiciding” Reaches Top SEAL Commander?

Military “Suiciding” Reaches Top SEAL Commander?  | targeted-killing-sniper | Black Ops Government Corruption Military Military Weapons News Articles US News Veterans

Any time you see this kind of story look at it closely. It usually has a multi-layered function on top of the obvious elimination of someone who knew something sensitive and was showing signs of having a conscience.


So very sad for the individuals and their families, but oh so common amongst the power elite. They don’t take chances and taking someone out in this “suiciding” fashion is quite a popular MO. Just look how fast they jump into the suicide meme. Once that idea is planted it’s like a football call. Once the media decision or “call” has been made, like the blame on Osama for 9/11 and host of other atrocities meme, it can only be overturned by extremely compelling proof.

That is never forthcoming and the overall coverage will wane into oblivion if it’s something they want to cover up, or they’ll run hard with it if they have a patsy to blame and can get further mileage out it for some purpose.

Military “Suiciding” Reaches Top SEAL Commander?  | navy-seal-dead | Black Ops Government Corruption Military Military Weapons News Articles US News Veterans

Official: Navy SEAL commander died in apparent suicide

U.S. military officials are investigating the apparent suicide of a Navy SEAL commander in Afghanistan.

Navy SEAL Cdr. Job W. Price, 42, of Pottstown, Pa., died Saturday of a non-combat-related injury while supporting stability operations in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan.

A U.S. military official said the death “appears to be the result of suicide.” The official spoke on condition of anonymity, because the death is still being investigated. Source

Check the clever suggestion in the title. “Official: Navy SEAL”…etc. Oh, it’s the official story? It’s official? Tricky pricks they are.

Connection to Seal Team 6?

I, of course, immediately wondered, “Did it have to do with the fake Bin Laden capture and murder and convenient dumping of his body in the sea by the infamous SEAL Team 6?” He commanded Seal Team 4. Hmmm. Pretty high up there. Might he have found out something he wasn’t supposed to know?

He commanded six platoons, two-dozen SEAL commandos and numerous support staff, deployed in Uruzgan Province, where they were conducting counter-terrorism missions and training police in remote parts of the country.

SEAL Team Four is one of nine teams of special operations troops. The most famous of the combat groups is the classified SEAL Team Six, which conducted the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in May 2011. Source

The Cat’s Outta the Bag.

The SEAL team unit 6 who acted out the fake capture and killing, or most of it, was killed in a shot down helicopter, a very unusual occurance since SEALS don’t usually travel in large groups and certainly not within range of close missile fire. The CIA covert ops fingerprints are all over this thing. He may have been in line to testify on the Benghazi ordeal and threatening to speak up about the obvious stand down that got several soldiers killed for all we know.

One thing we do know. This is how they operate, and I don’t doubt these very obvious high profile offings are meant to intimidate others who think they might want to say something about the inner workings of this sordid war machine.

Military “Suicides” Skyrocketing – How Many are Executions?

The amount of soldiers killing themselves, supposedly, is very disturbing. I already can’t stand to see these mangled kids coming back to their loved ones, missing limbs and faculties. They try to honor them to assuage the terror and torment, but it’s just horrific. It’s actually predatory as the underlying message is that everyone should be willing to “risk life and limb” for the Empire State of Amerika.

Damn them. The carnage is unconscionable. Beware, karma’s a bitch, and she’s not afraid to do some serious slapping.

My question is: While we know the trauma of war and seeing the carnage first hand is horrific, on top of that many of these people see the unprovoked operations on innocent civilians and are forced to participate. That and witnessing the drug running operation, collusion with private contractor killers who are immune to military law, and staged terrorist operations in public places that are blamed on insurgents when it’s of our own doing.

You find that out and it will show on your face if you have a conscience. You then become a potential enemy of the operation and target for “friendly fire” like Pat Tillman was. Or, if need be, a convenient “suicide”.

Are these a portion of these suicides that are spiking and continuing to climb? Suicides even outnumbered combat deaths in 2012!

Military “Suiciding” Reaches Top SEAL Commander?  | nasal-spray-air-force | Black Ops Government Corruption Military Military Weapons News Articles US News Veterans

Drugs and More Drugs

We know these poor people are shot up with dozens of vaccines and experimental stuff every which way from Sunday to control their minds and numb them to the killing. Ultimately they’ll be harnessed with an RFID chip which they’re about to roll out soon, although as a rule by the time they announce something they’ve already been doing it a long, long time.

Of course, the solution to suicide is another drug. In fact, a nanotech drug. The kind they can piggy back into any vaccine, drug or food, as well as our water and air.

Tell me if this one doesn’t sound like the drug Soma from Huxley’s “Brave New World”. (This article is from Aug. 2012)

The Army Has Issued Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray

The military suicide rate doubled in July. That’s one of our troops, almost every day.

To come up with an answer, the Army recently gave 3 million dollars to a university of Indiana research center, and those researchers came back with this: Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray.

Katie Drummond of The Daily reports researchers found a naturally occuring neurochemical called thyrotropin-releasing hormone, or TRH, that has euphoric, calming, anti-depressant effects. News of the nasal spray comes as a relief to some, who had to endure spinal taps for injections of the medicine.

The Pentagon, which tracks military suicides, reported that troops have committed the act at an 18 percent increase over the same period last year. Now, more troops die by their own hands than by the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The spray is only possible, because of advances in “nanotechnology delivery systems.” Researchers plan to run a full battery of trials over the next few years, and hopefully put the spray not only in the hands of soldiers, but civilians as well.

The scientists say that applications go beyond anti-depression medications. Source

Stay tuned.

This story about the SEAL commander might get interesting, since people are so leery of this “suiciding” routine, and don’t be surprised if more weirdness regarding deaths appears. The solstice is still fresh and ritual sacrifice takes on all forms. We’re talking about a very sick element behind the scenes.

Don’t dwell on it, but do be aware of it.

Love, Zen

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