Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm that Snaps on to the Bone


Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm that Snaps on to the Bone | mind-controlled-prosthetic-arm | Medical & Health Science & Technology Special Interests

(Boing Boing) On Friday, surgeons installed a “click-on robotic arm” on a patient in the Netherlands. The wearer controls the robot arm by thought alone. Myoelectric sensors in a bracelet worn on the upper arm measure muscle signals that are transmitted to the prosthetic arm via Bluetooth. From ScienceDaily:

Through an opening in the skin, the patient “clicks” the prosthesis onto a metal rod in the bone. Because the prosthesis connects directly to the skeleton, a prosthesis socket is no longer necessary. This ensures that it does not slip off, avoids skin problems, and makes it very easy to put on and take off…

The nerves that controlled the muscles in the hand and the underarm before the amputation are meticulously attached to parts of the muscles in the upper arm stump. By connecting the nerves to the muscle, the muscle acts like an amplifier of the nerve signal…

The surgeries are followed by a rehabilitation period, so that the patient can learn to contract the muscles in their upper arm by using their thoughts. If the patient imagines opening and closing their hand, the muscles in the upper arm contract.

Click-on arm prosthesis controlled by patient’s thoughts(ScienceDaily)

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