Most Israelis Favor Killing Palestinians

Most Israelis Favor Killing Palestinians | Most-Israelis-Favor-Killing-Palestinians-460x256 | World News

Propaganda works. Government statements and Israeli media one-sidedly highlight Palestinian “terror” attacks, mindless of reality on the ground.

Most Israelis have no idea or concern about what’s going on inside Palestine – including longstanding occupation harshness, state-sponsored terror against an entire population, a new generation of Palestinian youths demanding freedom, justifiably resisting collective punishment and denial of their fundamental rights.

A new Tel Aviv University/Israel Democracy Institute Guttman Center for Surveys Peace Index poll shows three-fourths of Israelis don’t understand how horrifically Palestinians are persecuted – in contrast to Arabs overwhelmingly fearing it acutely.

Jews live normally. Palestinians have no control over their daily lives. Most Jews shockingly agree with the following statement: “(A)ny Palestinian who has perpetrated a terror attack against Jews (true or false) should be killed on the spot, even if he has been apprehended and no longer poses a threat.”

They support punishing family members of Palestinians accused of terrorism, including demolishing their homes – mindless that most accusations are fabricated.

In contrast, they support no action against Jews killing Palestinians, even without just cause. They feel military tribunal injustice against Palestinians accused of terrorism is too light.

Pollsters asked: “What in your opinion, should each of the following institutions or groups be given for how it has dealt with the current terror wave?”

The IDF scored highest with a 93% approval rating. Police scored 84.5%, Shin Bet (security) 72% – showing Jews don’t understand reality on the ground.

They don’t know or care about how viciously Palestinians are persecuted – including daily state-sponsored assassinations, thousands injured, along with mass arrests, imprisonments and torture.

Poll results reflect a racist Israeli society, state-sponsored indoctrination from childhood to hate Arabs, portraying them as violent gun-or-knife-toting terrorists – mindless of their humanity and international law guaranteed rights.

Former finance minister, Yesh Atid party chairman, believes Palestinians accused of threatening Israelis “should be (lethally) shot…” Numerous other fascist Israeli politicians feel the same way, especially Netanyahu and his security ministers.

Pollsters didn’t ask but likely few Israeli Jews know the extent of administrative detentions – Palestinians locked up behind bars indefinitely, uncharged and untried, entirely for political reasons, innocent victims in gulag hell, currently at least 500 including children, according to Commission of Palestinian Detainee Affairs head Issa Qaraqe.

Young children and women are treated like men, targeted for wanting justice denied them – including social web site comments Israel calls “incitement.”

On the eve of the second Intifada, Israel held 12 administrative detainees. Two years later it was over 1,000. Things appear headed in the same direction now, new administrative detentions ordered daily. Victims have no right of appeal.

Speaking at an Amsterdam 77th Kristallnacht anniversary event, Arab MK Hanin Zoabi accused Israel of high crimes similar to Nazi-perpetrated ones.

“I am not an immigrant in my homeland,” she said. Scores of discriminatory laws are similar to how Hitler persecuted Jews, she explained.

“The current lesson of the Crystal Night has not been learned.” Israel’s slow-motion genocide, “ethnic cleansing” policy is modeled on how Nazis aimed to exterminate Jews. Israeli officials ‘justify the use of violence toward Palestinians.”

Zoabi quoted education minister Naftali Bennett saying “(i) is OK to kill Arabs. I have actually done so several times.” She warned of “great forces” seeking to silence pro-Palestinian voices in Europe.

State-sponsored terror rages as Netanyahu meets with Obama at the White House on Monday – their support for each other’s high crimes rock solid despite dislike for each other.

Expect nothing beneficial from the meeting for Palestinians. They remain isolated on their own, virtually ignored by the world community, mindless of their longstanding suffering at the hands of a ruthless occupier.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. Visit his blog site at

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Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”. Visit his blog site at

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