Muslim Extremist Executes Denver Police Officer That Obama’s DHS Was Warned About (VIDEO)

Muslim Extremist Executes Denver Police Officer That Obama’s DHS Was Warned About (VIDEO) | dhs-1024x576 | DHS Multimedia Special Interests US News

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At a time when the far-left and the mainstream media are giving President Trump such a hard time about protecting the American people from radical Islamic terror, isn’t a bit strange when the first terrorist attack on American soil on Trump’s watch hardly even gets honorable mention by the media?

It is to be expected that even after Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was warned that the recent Muslim convert had become radicalized but chose to do nothing. What’s odd, is that even after the death of a police officer in Denver, the mainstream media is still too preoccupied with Trump’s temporary travel ban, his tweets, and the nonexistent constitutional rights of refugees who aren’t even on American soil, to take notice.

The following video summarizes the events leading up to when Joshua Cummings, the shooter, snapped during the middle of last week, walked up to a transit cop in Denver, and shot him in the neck, killing him. A brief manhunt ensued, but was short-lived.

The RIght Scoop Reports:

This story has been ignored a lot because of the way Trump and his detractors have stolen the spotlight continuously, but it’s the first terrorist attack under our new President.

The execution happened last week when a radical Muslim walked up to a transit cop and shot him in the neck.

Joshua Cummings was caught soon after by police who recovered a gun. Later, it was discovered that DHS has been warned about the radicalized Muslim by his own Mosque!

Muslim Extremist Executes Denver Police Officer That Obama’s DHS Was Warned About (VIDEO) | T1-735x1024-735x1024 | DHS Multimedia Special Interests US News

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Here’s the letter they sent to DHS warning them about him in December:

Muslim Extremist Executes Denver Police Officer That Obama’s DHS Was Warned About (VIDEO) | T2-1-715x1024-715x1024 | DHS Multimedia Special Interests US News

Cummings, an Army sergeant who was living in a motel in Englewood with a woman and a child, came to the attention of law enforcement in Colorado when a Denver mosque wrote to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security saying he had attended a meeting for recent converts and appeared to be rapidly radicalizing.

Cummings moved to Colorado from the small town of Pampa, Texas, just northeast of Amarillo, where people say he had raised some alarm.

Maggie Johnson, a reporter for the Pampa News, said Cummings started writing martial arts stories for the newspaper in 2015, but his ties to the newspaper were severed when he became obsessive about bullying and conspiracy theories at the local high school.

“He wrote guest pieces. He was a little off,” Johnson said. “He got really obsessively concerned about the topic of bullying.”

A Denver firefighter, who owns another martial arts studio in Pampa, told The Denver Post that he had hired a security guard for his dojo after Cummings became more radicalized.

On his Twitter feed, Cummings early postings mostly showcased his martial arts studio. However, his focus appeared to shift in 2016. His Twitter postings, which stopped in July, include conspiracy theories about an implant that would take away a person’s desire for God and a call for an Arizona police officer accused of beating a woman to be put to death for treason.

It really sounds like he was suffering some mental problems, and Islamic radicalization probably didn’t help. But regardless of that, why haven’t we heard more about this case? You would think the press would love to pin this on Trump, but nope. Very odd.

Here’s the police press conference about the murder:

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