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On September 9, 2016, the “Colonial Pipeline”, allegedly, had an unprecedented “gasoline leak”. At first, it was said to be 45,000 gallons. Shortly thereafter, it was said to be 250,000 gallons. After this, the amount of the loss was said to be “unknown”. The primary unusualness of the event was that it wasn’t even reported in the local news until four days after the occurrence, and not until a week later in the national news. The question is . . . Why?

As a person who worked in television news for two years, I can tell you that this late reporting is, indeed, very strange. I once submitted a story the day after the event occurred and it was rejected as “old news”, as I was told that I should have submitted the report the same day of the event. The question is, if a news story that is more than 24 hours old is “old news, not worth reporting”, then why was such an important “accident” not reported until four days later to the local population and not until one week later to the nation at large?

I have also worked for decades with advertising agencies. The only reason for such a delay of such an important “accident” is so that the story can be “groomed” (artificially formulated) for public propaganda dissemination. The next question then arises, why would an important “pipeline leak”, if indeed that is what it was, which would have immediate safety and health concerns relevant to the local population, be delayed at the cost of lives and health, if it were really a pipeline leak? The answer is, that for safety reasons, if the story were true, there would be no delay in the reporting, for fear of lawsuits. What then could be really going on ? The answer lies in another, incredibly “coincidental accident”, from the very same pipeline in the very same state, only a few weeks later.

On October 31, 2016, again, the “Colonial Pipeline”, also in Alabama, had yet another “accident” only seven weeks after the first one. This would be statistically tantamount to a person being stuck by lightening on September 9th and then the same person being struck by lightening again on October 31st seven weeks later. The fact is, something is awry with these two “coincidental accidents”. The question is . . . What?

Military sources told me more than two years ago that a national and global emergency is coming down the road in the relatively near future. (I got the impression that it is well less than a decade away at that time.) As National and State governmental authorities may have a different approach as to how to deal with such an impending crisis, the former’s top political leadership not having much real concern for the population and the latter holding a greater respect and regard for their local brethren, the States’ government and National Guard forces foresee friction between the two entities (Federal and State) during such a crisis, and State governments are thereby planning their strategies accordingly.

This means that when the going gets tough and the tyrants in the District of Columbia attempt to tell State and Local authorities what to do with their time, energy, and resources during the forecasted upcoming calamity, meticulously planned scenarios are already secretly in place by State governments, which are often coordinated and pre-negotiated with the State governments of adjoining territories, to respectfully, yet adamantly, decline such self-centered Federal directives during the Time of Trouble, in favor of more reasonable and responsible regional strategies, which favor higher regard for the local citizenry than does the Federal perspective.

This being the case, the Federal Government’s intent to attempt to “confiscate” local airports and fuel reserves during the impending crisis has been duly noted by State authorities, who have cleverly enacted their own cunning methods for stockpiling their own emergency fuel reserves, doing so though theses, and a few other, fuel “accidents”, so as to unnoticeably siphon off the necessary gasoline reserves to run local infrastructure for as long as humanly possible during a nationwide crisis.

You may remember in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” that the authorities who were in charge of the situation, where “E.T.’s” were to supposedly secretly land in Wyoming, staged a “chemical train derailment”, complete with fake “noxious gas victims”, in order to conceal what was really going on. Believe me when I tell you, from dozens of military and government sources over the last three decades, that such deceptive scenarios as this go on all of the time. These two recently staged “accidents”, from the same gasoline pipeline, in the same state of Alabama only weeks apart, just add weight to the fact that “something big” is in our very near future, most likely within about a year, or less.

On October 7th, 2016, I published a story that my many sources indicate that the Federal Government is preparing for an impending Meteor Storm. (Linked below under “References”.) Less than a week later, on October 13th, 2016, the President ordered all Government Agencies to prepare for upcoming “Space Weather Chaos”. (Also linked below under “References” . . . To see the potential cause of the meteor storm, see the “Planet X” article, also under “References”.)

The fact is, numerous signs and events point to the Federal Government, and now State Governments as well, preparing for a national and global crisis. If you consider yourself prudent, even a one in ten chance of such, merits your immediate attention in regard to preparedness, for which the President also just recently warned that citizens should take more seriously than they previously have, regarding the immediate need for “Emergency Preparedness.”

I will discuss all this, and much more, in this week’s episode of Conspiracy Corner News.

Just click on the Youtube Link Below to watch . . .

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