NATO: America’s Long Arm

NATO: America’s Long Arm | usa-nato-flag | NATO Special Interests US News

The North Atlantic Alliance became obsolete after Soviet Russia dissolved in 1991 and should have been disbanded.

Instead it expanded, its aim to have members and partners on every continent, serving US imperial interests.

America dominates alliance policy, other member states and partners subservient to its objectives.

In 1989, GHW Bush promised Mikhail Gorbachev NATO wouldn’t expand East. It wouldn’t encroach on Russia’s borders provided Moscow let its former republics become independent.

Another promise made, another broken. Former Russian republics Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania are NATO members.

Other Eastern European ones include Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovenia – tiny Montenegro the latest country pressured to join.

Washington wants all remaining Eastern European nations co-opted to be part of NATO.

US bases menacingly encircle Russian and Chinese borders. So-called missile defense systems intended for offense target their heartlands.

Neither country threatens America – or any others. Provocatively positioning strategic weapons shows Washington’s real intent – all independent governments targeted for regime change by any means necessary including war.

Russia’s only buffer zones against complete NATO encirclement on its western border are Finland, Belarus and Ukraine.

Eventual US plans to make Georgia and Ukraine alliance members crosses a red line for Russia.

NATO’s existence as a US imperial tool threatens world peace. Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and other sovereign independent states have just cause for concern.

On May 24, US-installed NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg previewed the meeting of alliance leaders in Brussels with Trump.

What a difference an election made. He no longer calls the alliance obsolete. A year ago, he suggested “let(ting) NATO go” if elected president.

Nearly straightaway in office, he flip-flopped. As commander-in-chief of America’s military, he loves NATO, wants other member states increasing their military spending at a time no threats exist except invented ones – to justify militarism and warmaking.

At an April 12 White House press conference with Stoltenberg, Trump turned truth on its head calling NATO “the bulwark of international peace and security.”

It’s the most destructive military alliance in world history, raping and destroying one country after another, responsible for millions of casualties and appalling human suffering in multiple theaters.

America calls the shots. Other alliance members subserviently go along. World peace, stability and security are unattainable as long as NATO exists, Stoltenberg a figurehead puppet serving US imperial interests.

From Brussels, he said “(o)ur meeting (with Trump) will show that all NATO allies remain united in the fight against terrorism in all its forms.”

Fact: The so-called global war on terrorism is a fabricated hoax, a pretext for endless imperial wars.

Stoltenberg: On Thursday, “NATO leaders will take decisions to increase the alliance’s support to the global coalition to defeat ISIS.”

Fact: America created and supports ISIS. Other NATO countries go along, pretending opposition against the scourge of terrorism.

Stoltenberg: “NATO’s strength allows us to defend our nations at home, to train partners abroad, and to engage in difficult but important dialogue.”

Fact: No threats exist to defend against – not Russia, China, Iran, Syria or other independent countries. The way to defeat ISIS and other terrorist groups is by ending US and other foreign support.

Stoltenberg: “(W)e have accomplished a lot. And we continue to adapt to the future. This is what (Thursday’s) meeting is all about.”

Trump’s meeting with other NATO members is all about continuing America’s quest for unchallenged global dominance – waging endless wars of aggression on the pretext of combating the scourge of terrorism US-led alliance members support.

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