NATO Calls For ‘Strong Reaction’ After Syrian Chemical Attack

NATO Calls For ‘Strong Reaction’ After Syrian Chemical Attack | nato-460x201 | NATO Special Interests US News War Propaganda

Despite abundant evidence that the UK and the United States are behind the chemical attack perpetrated on innocent Syrian civilians, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has called for a strong reaction to the use of chemical weapons.

Not only has NATO, the UN and the US ignored the confession made by rebels that they are the ones responsible for the chemical attack, but they have also refused to take into account the fact that the UK allowed the export of chemicals used to make nerve gas to Syria.

The use of chemical weapons in Syria requires a strong reaction from the international community, but NATO will not be responsible for orchestrating any attack, affirmed the Secretary General of NATO, Fogh Rasmussen Aders. He advocated today in Brussels to respond to the attack which he says was carried out by the regime of Bashar al-Assad .

Rasmussen believes that any answer is vital but he did not specify what type of answer he was talking about. However, he was clear that any intervention by NATO would be limited. This is the same rhetoric used by US president, Barack Obama, who backpedaled on his intention to bomb Syria. According to Resmussen, NATO would do things such as talking to partner countries and assisting Turkey.

“We need a strong international response to prevent future attacks that may have chemical weapons” , said Rasmussen at a press conference. The former Danish Prime Minister believes that ignoring these facts “would send a dangerous signal to dictators ” about the possibility of freely using these weapons of mass destruction.

The only option that NATO has to become involved directly in the war would occur if the Syrian regime attacked Turkey, where Patriot missiles were deployed earlier this year to strengthen the country’s defense. “I see no other role for NATO,” he said while answering repeated questions from reporters about the possibility that the organization had a more active role.

Rasmussen welcomed any kind of individual country initiative that prepared military actions against the Syrian regime . “As a former Prime Minister, I understand and support the decisions of the allies to consider a step forward”, he said, without referring directly to anyone.

The NATO official also showed sympathy for the obstacles found so far by the US and the UK in their parliaments as they have decided to act now in Syria : “I fully respect democratic processes, this situation is very, very complicated.”

The Secretary General was convinced that Bashar Assad was behind the attack with chemical weapons. He also supports the so-called evidence presented by the United States, while warning against the serious precedent that the use of such weapons has had in the past.

While supportive of any military response by NATO allies, Rasmussen believes that such action will be brief, because the solution to the Syrian conflict is not military . “We need a political process,” he concluded.

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