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Buying Local Honey: What You Need To Know

One of my favorite long-term food choices in our pantry is honey. Storing honey is a popular choice amongst preppers. After all, its versatility coupled with the capacity to last a lifetime is a perfect investment for your long-term food stores. Many are aware of the additives put into honey and ultra-filtering that inevitably removes all of the health

Why Giving Up Sugar Can Be Really Good For Your Health

Many people have a sweet tooth. They enjoy foods that have sugar in them, including sweets, candy, and other treats. Sodas and even fruit juices sometimes have extra sugar added to improve the flavor. It turns out sugar is not good for a person’s health at all. Sugar does not contain nutrients, vitamins, minerals, or

Is There A Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency And Heart Attacks?

Authors of a study [1] have concluded that males with a low level of Vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin, are more likely to suffer a heart attack. There are a variety of clinical studies showing that the death rates attributed to cardiovascular diseases grow during winter months. Conversely, the opposite was found at lower altitudes.

New Report Ranks U.S. Poorly For Maternal Health

According to a new report conducted by the State of the World Mother’s, the United States ranks 33 out of 179 countries surveyed for maternal health. [1] Just last year, the U.S. was at 31. How can a country so developed be drastically behind other countries in taking care of mothers and their newborns? Could

Does Vitamin D Toxicity Exist?

Vitamin D is one of the most important and most misunderstood vitamin of our time, and many people simply aren’t receiving enough. Most people are deficient in vitamin D due to lack of sunlight exposure. We’re modern-day cavemen, trapped in our offices and homes, rarely ever exposing our skin to the life-giving energy of the

Is Soy Good Or Bad For You?

Soy milk, soy cheese, soy crisps–there is a booming market for vegan soy-based foods and a lot of supposed health authorities touting its alleged benefits. What if soy was actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing and only called a health food because its supply was so abundant? What if soy was actually not as healthy

Can Wheat Drive More Than Your Digestive System Crazy?

Wheat could be driving more than your digestive system crazy. While wheat is well known to wreak havoc on the gastrointestinal health of genetically susceptible folks, such as those with celiac disease, and more recently, irritable bowel syndrome, new research published in the journal Psychiatry Research indicates that sensitivity to one of the components in

Smoking Is 36 Times Worse Than Working At A Nuclear Reactor

It is well-established that 25-30% of all cancer are caused soley by tobacco consumption – a completely avoidable cause. But what if the tobacco itself were not actually the primary cause of the cancer, but something else contaminating it? And what if it the tobacco industry knew this lethal contaminant was in their product, and

Everything You Wanted To Know About The Pineal Gland

The famous philosopher Descartes described the pineal gland as the “principal seat of the soul.” You’ve probably heard of this gland being the “third eye,” a mystical chakra point residing right in the middle of your eyebrows. It turns out these ideas aren’t too far off. The small, rice-sized, pinecone-shaped endocrine organ known as the

Magnesium's Importance Far Greater Than Previously Imagined

Calcium deficiency is a common nutritional concern, but how many folks consider the vital importance of magnesium in human health and disease?   New research published in the journal BMC Bioinformatics indicates that magnesium’s role in human health and disease is far more significant and complicated than previously imagined. While it is well known that

What Is COPD? 7 Facts You Need To Know

As the third leading cause of death in the United States, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, probably affects–or will affect–someone you know. While COPD may not be highly profiled as heart disease or cancer, it’s still one of the most prevalent and deadly conditions today. In order to fight against the development of COPD

7 Ways To Protect Your Placenta

Not many women consider the health of their placenta a top priority when they become pregnant, as many choose to focus solely on the health of the baby. This is by no means a bad choice, but the health of your placenta is just as important to the health of your baby as taking prenatal

5 Ways Sleep Apnea Affects Your Health

With over 25 million sufferers, sleep apnea is on the rise in the U.S. [1] The disease can put you at risk for many health issues, so it’s crucial you keep it in check. Some people who suffer from sleep apnea don’t even know they have it; it’s only when health concerns pop up do

The Cheapskate’s Guide To Making Cleaning Products That Won’t Kill You

One of my favorite parts of spring is scrubbing down the entire house, throwing open the windows so the breeze can come through, and hanging rugs and bedding outside.  Maybe it’s weird but I just love spring cleaning. However, what I don’t love is the expensive, chemical-laden cleaning products from the store.  That’s why I

Got Chronic Health Issues? Maybe It’s Time To Go Against The Grain

I really hate food labels, food pyramids, the USDA, and the FDA. All of the stuff that they say are good for you are bad for you. And the things they say are bad for you are actually good for you. Here’s why: of course, it all boils down to money. As usual. It’s all

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