Netanyahu, Israel, the Powder Keg and the Match

Netanyahu, Israel, the Powder Keg and the Match | benjamin-netanyahu1 | War Propaganda World News
While authorities explain that they have enough evidence to indict the Israeli leader, Netanyahu goes out declaring war on Syria and Iran to distract from his probable indictment.

The Israeli prime minister accuses Tehran, at the security conference in Munich, of wanting to establish an “empire” in the Middle East. That is a laughable claim given Israel’s belief in its ideological and religious “right” to steal land from Arab people to create the Great State of Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu premiered at the Security conference in Munich with one of his already classic theatrical interventions.

As is also usual, Iran focused its speech. Brandishing a piece of drone in his hand, Netanyahu threatened an intervention against Iran, an incendiary threat and a decision that would set the Middle East on fire.

“We will act not only against the Iranian allies, but against Iran itself,” said the Israeli leader, who argued that the Tehran regime is displaying a growing influence in the Middle East.

The problem with Netanyahu is Israel’s growing isolation from the world and the shrinking support for its unilateral measures to destroy Gaza and dislocate its inhabitants, who Israel treats as trash.

The rest of the drone belongs, according to Netanyahu, to an Iranian device shot down last week when it entered Israeli airspace.

“Do you recognize it? You should. It’s yours, “Netanyahu snapped at Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, also present at the Munich conference. He accused Zarif of “lying with eloquence.”

Netanyahu knows this practice well as he is an expert in it. He utilizes charts and drawings to fabricate threats against “the people of Israel”.

During question time, Netanyahu produced a map, in which Syria, Iraq, Iran and Yemen were painted in black, to show, according to the prime minister, that the presence of Iran increases as the self-styled Islamic State loses ground.

Netanyahu’s image is weakened but he has a powder keg and a match

Netanyahu arrives weakened and under suspicion to the meeting that annually gathers diplomats and politicians from all over the planet.

The anti-fraud brigade of the Israeli police has formally accused the prime minister of fraud and bribery in two investigations.

Although Netanyahu has assured that he does not intend to resign, the shadow of the loss of prestige accompanies him on his visit to the Bavarian capital.

“Iran tries to dominate our region, the Middle East. It is developing ballistic missiles,” said Netanyahu, who later assured that Iran aspires to build” an empire from Tehran to Tartus and from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean. “

The previous day, White House national security adviser Herbert McMaster had argued in similar terms against what he considered a growing Iranian influence in the region, mainly in Syria.

Both Israel and the United States have a problem with the “growing Iranian influence” in the region, but not with their own growing abuses of power, support for genocide and land theft.

Also like the Administration of Donald Trump, the Israeli prime minister attacked the Iranian nuclear agreement signed in 2015 between Tehran and six great powers to limit the Iranian nuclear program, in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

“It only helps strengthen the regime,” he estimated. The warnings followed one another during the half hour of intervention by the Israeli president.

“Israel has red lines that it will defend. Israel will prevent Tehran from establishing a permanent military presence in Syria.”

Netanyahu also referred to the forgotten conflict between Palestinians and Israelis and defended US mediation, despite the failure of the Administration of Barack Obama and the decision of President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announce that it will take its embassy there. This decision blew up any hope that Washington can become an impartial mediator.

“No one can facilitate the peace process if it is not the United States,” claimed Netanyahu, who has refused to compromise with Palestinian leaders in multiple ocassions.

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