Netanyahu Selling War on Iran: Is Trump Buying?

Netanyahu Selling War on Iran: Is Trump Buying? | netanyahu-and-trump | War Propaganda World News
President Donald Trump meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office of the White House. March 5, 2018. [image credit: Evan Vucci/AP]
Netanyahu is ruthless and dangerous. He’s an unindicted war criminal, a serial aggressor, a murderer of Palestinian children, a thuggish threat to regional and world peace – as well as a serial liar, never to be trusted on anything.

His Monday political assault on Iran reflected pure evil, promoting war based on Big Lies – an outrageous display of hostility toward the Islamic Republic, reminiscent of his 2012 General Assembly address and 2015 rant before a joint congressional session.

He’s been promoting war on Iran for years, wanting US involved leading the way, Israel partnering in its aggression, wanting its leading regional rival returned to its pre-1979 despotically ruled status.

On Monday, he presented repackaged earlier Israeli forged material on Iran, none of it credible, all of it pure rubbish.

Following his address, hawkish minister Naftali Bennett belligerently said “(t)he head of the octopus behind activities that harm Israel in Lebanon, Syria and also in Gaza is Iran” – promoting war while saying maybe “a concentrated effort” can avoid it.

A “concentrated effort” for what, he didn’t explain, adding Israel “will not hide its head in the sand just to enjoy a few months of quiet because at the end, we will find Iran on our borders.”

On Tuesday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi blasted Netanyahu, calling him “an infamous liar.”

His theatrics on a nonexistent Islamic Republic “secret” nuclear program was false, useless and shameful – disgraceful remarks by a notorious “liar who has nothing to offer except lies and deceits,” Qassemi adding:

Netanyahu heads a ruthless, “child-killing Zionist regime.” Trump supported his deception, saying “(t)his is just not an acceptable situation, as I’ve said all along.”

His remarks show he’s a geopolitical know-nothing, brainwashed by imperial lies fed him, accepting what demands rejection.

Before moving from Langley to Foggy Bottom, Mike Pompeo said no evidence suggested Iran ever had a nuclear weapons program.

Following Netanyahu’s address, he flip-flopped, claiming “(n)ow that the world knows Iran has lied and is still lying, it is time to revisit the question of whether Iran can be trusted to enrich or control any nuclear material.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif tweeted the following: “On 4/12, Pompeo testified no need to worry about nixing JCPOA as Iran ‘not racing to a weapon before the deal’, nor would ‘turn to race to…weapon’ after.”

“Now says ‘time to revisit question of whether Iran can be trusted to enrich…any nuclear material.’ So, which one is it?”

On Tuesday, an IAEA spokesman said the agency has “no credible indications of activities in Iran relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device after 2009,” adding:

“In line with standard IAEA practice, the IAEA evaluates all (nuclear) safeguards-relevant information available to it. However, it is not the practice of the IAEA to publicly discuss issues related to any such information.”

On Monday, Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) head Ali Akbar Salehi said if JCPOA obligations are breached by Washington, Britain, France or Germany, “we are fully prepared to return to a (uranium enrichment) level much higher than the past…We are speaking based on realities.”

Tehran scrupulously observes its nuclear obligations to the letter, sacrificing much more than it gained from the JCPOA.

Washington under Obama and Trump breached the letter and spirit of the deal repeatedly.

If Trump pulls out, it’ll likely be dead. More seriously, conflict against the Islamic Republic would be more likely – drawing Washington and Russia closer to direct confrontation.

A Final Comment

US aggression on Syria for regime change was launched as prelude to going all-out for replacing Iranian sovereign independence with pro-Western puppet rule.

These objectives explain US, UK, French and Israeli aggression on Syrian sites, along with Netanyahu’s Monday theatrics – things likely heading for something much more serious.

If Russia doesn’t forcefully intervene to stop what’s ongoing, Syria and Iran could fall.

Moscow and Beijing would be next in line for US-led efforts to topple their governments, the only remaining ones standing in the way of unchallenged US global dominance.

Nuclear war would be more likely than currently to achieve it – a longstanding scheme advocated by extremist lunatics in Washington in the post-WW II era.

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