New Wave of Mini Robots Has Arrived (VIDEO)

New Wave of Mini Robots Has Arrived (VIDEO) | mini-robot-439x300 | Military Military Weapons Science & Technology Special Interests
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Beyond the economic debate of whether humans will officiallybe outsourced to robots — or not (maybe by 2045) — there is no question that the military-industrial complex loves the idea of creating robots that can serve the battlefield and beyond. Here are some of their current favorites.

  • PETMAN humanoid robot
  • Sand Flea jumping robot
  • Robobee – pollinator/surveillance
  • Cryo – robot jellyfish to patrol the oceans
  • Cheetah – designed to chase human prey (and now has had a cub)
  • Big Dog – Heavy lifting, like throwing cinderblocks, and transport

But, just as with drones, the next phase of miniaturized robot tech is offering some insane possibilities. The video below shows a new bot that Singularity Hub defined as “freaky fast” — like the equivalent of a human running 120 mph.

As Singularity Hub states:

researchers from the University of Maryland and John Hopkins have constructed a miniature robot with independent drive motors propelling its four whegs, which are hybrid-wheel-legs that offer the best of both.

The bot can travel up to 30 body lengths a second (2.2 m/s or around 5 MPH). As IEEE Spectrum points out, a human traveling the equivalent relative distance in the same time would be going approximately 120 MPH.

As miniturization continues right down to the nano-scale, as well as bots and drones that mimic nature, it might become increasingly difficult to see what exactly is coming next.


Nicholas West
Activist Post

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