No Rest. Please.

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It’s recess time for Congress. That means a lot of U.S. Senators are hiking in national parks, or boating and beachcombing, or just kicking back at home, enjoying backyard barbecues and local golf courses.

Maybe. But at least a few Senators are busy putting the finishing touches on a Senate version of the DARK Act, a bill that could permanently scuttle the GMO labeling movement.

That means we need to be working overtime, while Congress is taking a break.

OCA staff recently met with three Senators and staff of an additional 11 Senators, in their Washington D.C. offices. But we really need to get the attention of Senators in their home district offices, too, especially during the August recess.

That’s where you come in. We’’ve begun scheduling meetings with Senators from all over the country, but we need your help. Your Senators will respond best to you, their constituents. And frankly, if they don’t hear from you, they won’t know that you care about GMO labeling or the DARK Act. They may not pay any attention at all to the issue—until they’re handed a slick package of lies from Monsanto’s lobbyists. And from what we’ve seen so far, many of our lawmakers are buying those lies, hook, line and sinker.

Let’s face it. Members of the Senate don’t have time to read every bill that comes across their desks. They pay the most attention to the bills that generate the most media attention, the bills that generate the most knocks on their doors.

If you haven’t yet, please sign this petition asking your Senator to oppose any federal bill that preempts state or federal mandatory labeling laws.

Then, please contact ——if you can attend a meeting with your Senator. Organic Consumers will connect you with your fellow voters, and provide all the materials you need, including a media advisory and talking points.

Your Senator may be taking a break in August. But we can’t rest for a minute if we want to stop the DARK Act. Email if you want to attend or organize a meeting Keep track of scheduled meetings Download your DARK Act flyer Download these DARK Act talking points Tips on organizing a meeting (scroll down) Call 202-224-3121. Ask to speak to your Senator’s staff. After you’ve signed the petition, called your Senator and signed up to attend a meeting, don’t forget to post on your Senator’s Facebook page!

TAKE ACTION: Tell Your Senator: Support Consumer and States’ Rights. Reject Rep. Pompeo’s DARK Act—H.R. 1599—and any other federal legislation that would preempt states’ rights to label GMOs!

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