NYC Grants ANYONE Right To Use Single-Sex Facility ‘Consistent With Gender Identity Or Expression’

NYC Grants ANYONE Right To Use Single-Sex Facility 'Consistent With Gender Identity Or Expression' | gender-460x256 | Sleuth Journal US News
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New guidelines on gender-identity discrimination in NYC require all individuals be permitted to use single-sex facilities (bathrooms, locker rooms) and take part in single-sex programs regardless of their anatomy, appearance or the sex indicated on their IDs.

According to the guidelines, issued by the New York City Commission on Human Rights, covered entities that have single-occupancy restrooms should make it crystal clear they “can be used by people of all genders.”

The way to go is to post a sign in all single-sex facilities that states, “Under New York City Law, all individuals have the right to use the single-sex facility consistent with their gender identity or expression,” the guidelines say.

From now on, barring a transgender woman from using a women’s restroom in New York City will also be against the law. Should some people, including customers, tenants or employees, object to sharing a facility or participating in a program with a transgender or gender non-conforming person, such objections are “not a lawful reason to deny access to that transgender or gender non-conforming individual.” Those being not comfortable with this may require space within multi-user facilities if they have privacy concerns.

Landlords, employers and businesses in New York City will also have to inline with the new rules. They have been officially prohibited from purposely calling a transgender woman “him” or “Mr” after she has made clear which pronouns and title she prefers. Refusal to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun, or title just because “they do not conform to gender stereotypes” is considered to be a violation.

Conditioning an individual’s use of their preferred name on obtaining a court-ordered name change or providing identification in that name has also been made illegal. It means, one may not refuse to call a transgender woman her preferred name, Mary, because her identification says her first name is actually Martin.

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