Obama Should Be Facing 20 Years Behind Bars; Trump Does Absolutely Nothing (VIDEO)

Obama Should Be Facing 20 Years Behind Bars; Trump Does Absolutely Nothing (VIDEO) | Obama-Leavenworth | Multimedia Trump US News

By: The Voice of Reason |

Is President Trump being too patient with his predecessor? While Obama hardly deserves any respect, it could be argued that President Trump does not want to be viewed as being too combative against someone who held the Oval Office before him. But when your predecessor is openly advocating for your resignation or impeachment by any means necessary, perhaps it is time to take action.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at how Obama’s actions with regards to the OFA and wiretapping could meet the legal definition of seditious activities. Obama, in his arrogance, has barely attempted to hide it, with Eric Holder openly saying “He’s coming,” about Obama’s return.

Of course, under the law, such seditious activities can land someone in jail for 20 years, however Obama hardly seems worried. Perhaps it’s time that President Trump took decisive action against the head of the fifth column before he destroys this country even further.

Angry Patriot Movement 

Barack Obama is still trying to wield power over the United States. In America, we vote in and out our elected officials, Obama’s term is over, he was not crowned a king!

The former president is allegedly trying to yank a lawfully elected president from office by either forcing his resignation or having him impeached! Obama is leading this charge, with the aid of his long-time trusted sidekick, Valeria Jarrett, Infowars reports, citing a source close to the family.

Obama Should Be Facing 20 Years Behind Bars; Trump Does Absolutely Nothing (VIDEO) | Sedition-768x972 | Multimedia Trump US News

Obama does not have to grab a weapon or leak classified material to be in violation of the Seditious Conspiracy statute.

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder only recently revealed the former president is preparing to resurface as a full-time political operative. The man never really left the campaign trail.

“It’s coming. He’s coming,” Holder told mainstream media reporters. “And he’s ready to roll.”

Thanks to a $60 million plus book deal Barack and Michelle signed, he will never have to work again – or travel the world whoring himself out for speaking fees like Bill Clinton. Now he is free to cut loose on his socialistic agenda and far left ideals with reckless abandon

Pushing the Russian influence fake news story was only the first step on Obama’s evil plan to force Trump to resign or be impeached. Now he has Attorney General Jeff Sessions in his sights — he is surely bolstered by the swift ousting of Michael Flynn.

The Democrat Party appears to be behind their liberal messiah 100 percent. Their feet-dragging on Trump’s nominees have allowed Obama loyalist spies to leak classified information while trying to destroy the new administration from within.

Obama was worn out and tired of politics after two terms of doing nothing in the Oval Office, according to the family source. But, now that his party is in a shambles and a Republican won the White House, he has summoned his strength and has been convinced to lead the anti-Trump insurgency. Gee, someone has a hero complex.

Obama has now fully embraced his leadership role in the Trump take-down treasonous conspiracy. Obama loathes Trump’s patriotic polices and considers him an illegitimate president, the same source claimed.

It all boils down to legacy for the ever so arrogant Obama. President Trump is taking apart the socialistic polices of the far left president mandated piece-by-piece and at a rapid pace.

Obama is not on some misguided mission to save our country. He is saddling up to force Trump our of office for purely selfish reasons– depriving us of what may very well be the last best chance to save America! And if the conspiracy is proven, he is going to jail!

THE VOICE OF REASON is the pen name of Michael DePinto, a graduate of Capital University Law School, and an attorney in Florida. Having worked in the World Trade Center, along with other family and friends, Michael was baptized by fire into the world of politics on September 11, 2001. Michael’s political journey began with tuning in religiously to whatever the talking heads on television had to say, then Michael became a “Tea-Bagging” activist as his liberal friends on the Left would say, volunteering within the Jacksonville local Tea Party, and most recently Michael was sworn in as an attorney. Today, Michael is a major contributor to www.BeforeItsNews.com, he owns and operates www.thelastgreatstand.com, where Michael provides what is often very ‘colorful’ political commentary, ripe with sarcasm, no doubt the result of Michael’s frustration as he feels we are witnessing the end of the American Empire. The topics Michael most often weighs in on are: Martial Law, FEMA Camps, Jade Helm, Economic Issues, Government Corruption, and Government Conspiracy.


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