Obama: The Fruit Of Hitler’s Loins

Obama: The Fruit Of Hitler’s Loins | obama-hitler-73350558811 | Government Government Control Government Corruption Obama Exposed Politics Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” – Adolph Hitler

It truly does amaze, in a particularly bone chilling fashion, reading the many mischievous musings of the fascist despot. What makes the feeling stronger and far more unpleasant is reading those quotes while looking at a picture of Barack Obama.

There is something about the combination of reading evil words and looking at a profoundly evil face that could make the strongest stomach turn like a ferris wheel.

Five years along on our American fascistic experiment and reading Hitler’s quotes makes it seem as though the young charlatan and ideological follower of anti-American anarchists like Alinsky Ayers is borrowing and applying their logic and pulling White House levers to drive his own demented vision of absolute power.

Die Constitution…DIE!!!

The recent assault on the First Amendment, only if to take a small break from the American Left’s constant assault on the Second Amendment, is a stark reminder of how easily snake oil salesmen, satanic preachers and megalomaniacs go off the deep end when left to their own devices.

Earlier this week, the Washington Post released details on the Justice Department’s targeting of a Fox News reporter as a potential “co-conspirator” in a leak probe. The sacrificial lamb being fed by the feds is insignificant intelligence analyst Stephen Jin-Woo Kim. Kim is accused of disclosing classified information to Fox reporter James Rosen. This event comes as no surprise since this Administration has prosecuted more national-security cases than any other in recent memory.

The scary part, and one which will lead us down a time warp back to the Weimar Republic, is that as part of its probe the Obama Administration obtained a warrant to search Mr. Rosen’s personal email account. This blatant invasion of privacy and violation of press freedoms has been coolly justified by telling the judge that Mr. Rosen was part of Kim’s conspiracy. This behavior is not as tragically comic as the logic behind it. Apparently, Rosen was party to a criminal conspiracy (which loosely amounts to treason) because he acted like a journalist and dared to apply his First Amendment privileges which are the backbone of his chosen profession.

In a May 2010 affidavit supporting the search warrant issue for Rosen’s Gmail account, FBI agent Reginald Reyes declared that “there is probable cause to believe that the Reporter has committed or is committing a violation” of the Espionage Act of 1917 “as an aider and abettor and/or co-conspirator.” The Reporter in question is Mr. Rosen.

Luckily for those of us with common sense and a functional set of eyeballs, this behavior does not call for detailed corroboration or evidence. Whether it’s selling guns to Mexican drug cartels for the express purpose of murdering American lawmen, covering up crimes against American officials carried out by Obama’s pet Islamists or merely using the IRS to strong arm anyone who would dare oppose Der Fuhrer, we’ve long ago learned that Obama’s intimidation tactics know no bounds and certainly, no shame.

But instead of rehashing all the ways that this modern fascist has besmirched the office of the POTUS, let’s instead look back and the underpinnings of Hitler’s Weimar Republic and how scary the similarities between the master and his apprentice really are…

Back to the Present

In 1933, an amendment was added to the Weimar’s constitution that would immediately play the key role Hitler’s rise to absolute power. This amendment essentially gave Hitler the legal right to make end runs around the Reichstag (Weimar lawmaking body, not unlike Congress in the U.S.) and full use of plenary power.

Plenary power is defined as, “The separate identification, definition, and complete vesting of a power or powers or authority in a governing body or individual, to choose to act (or not to act) on a particular subject matter or area.”

In plain English, it’s a dictatorial decree or if you’re more of a fan of fancy robes and lavish parties, a king’s coronation…

“When Congress refuses to act…I have an obligation to do what I can without them.” – Barack Obama

Though the American Left is too talented at public manipulation and Obama remains encased in a glass house in the land of plausible deniability, the similarities between the maddest man of the 20th century and certainly, the most inept American President in history are becoming more apparent by the day, if not by the hour.

Keep Your Poor and Hungry…I’ll Take Your Young

Much like his true ideological predecessor, Obama understands that it is minions he needs, not truth, not justice and definitely not anything resembling the American Way…

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” – Adolph Hitler

Recent statements by Obama’s Dr. Mengele, Ezekiel Emanuel (also, not shockingly the brother of ex-Obama staffer and recently anointed Lord of Chicago, Rahm) at a college commencement essentially dictating to the Obama Youth their duty to make The Fuhrer’s centralist health insurance plan further highlight the true goal of the Obama Administration’s dictatorial bent.

Now, it might seem unreasonable to the thoroughly soaked, soaped and spin cycled brain that all of this information should go so seamlessly together. But really, if you think about it…it is a steady dose of pressure that busts even the hardest pipe, not a loud chainsaw or some other overt mechanism.

There is a direct an inherent need for Obama’s fascism to simultaneously attack on so many fronts. After all, it wasn’t the Nazi’s military might or professed superiority that nearly conquered the world. It was just blitzkrieg.

Blitzkrieg is defined as an attacking force spearheaded by a dense concentration of armored and motorized or mechanized infantry formations and heavily backed up by close air support, which then forces a breakthrough into the enemy’s rear through a series of deep thrusts. Once in the enemy’s rear, it proceeds to dislocate them by utilizing speed and surprise and then encircle them.

This is an organized campaign of shock, awe, confusion, flashing lights, bells and whistles, designed not-so-much to defeat an opponent directly but more so tire him or her with stupidity and get them to self-disengage from the political discussion and process.

Meanwhile, indoctrinating a new generation of future journalists, bureaucrats, and generally middling talent and intellect allows for a far more pliable future fulfillment class.

This fulfillment class will be a lot more open to not making the same ‘mistakes’ of First Amendment utilization like James Rosen. They will be far happier and more eager to execute orders because they have been trained in the Hitler Youth veneer of cleaning up their society and purging it from undesirables simply by following their Fuhrer’s lead.

The real danger, however, is not the micro dictator himself. After all, even he will not be able to seek a third term, though his admittedly sycophantic admiration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt would make such dreams plausible, if not likely.

The real danger lies in the indisputable fact that Obama’s goal is and always has been the fundamental alteration of American society.

Much as Hitler’s ideology scorned anything German that came before, Obama’s America must be one with no cultural, political, economic or ideological connections to the one that came before.

This is why our press is increasingly dependent on the White House for what it “freely” publishes, this is why our kids further “rebel” against American values and this is why more and more of our teen cultural icons resemble Hitler Youth mannequins.

In the weeks to come, I will continue to explore the overt fascism practiced by the Obama Administration and how it has been structurally engrained in American academia and politics over the better part of the last half-century.

The reality is that the plan to turn the United States into a latter day Weimar Republic is one that was designed to take a century. Don’t get too excited about Obama, though. Just like Hitler, he’s simply a great pitchman for something far more sinister approaching…

More on it next time…

By JoAnne D. Byron, a contributor for Absolute Rights.

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